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Like the faithful readers of my blog know, there is an adult page on Facebook that regularly posts sexually related questions for its followers. I usually answer them if I have anything to say on the matter. I also have a habit of periodically publish my answers on my blog, usually around some major annual celebration. After Halloween Question and Answer special and The May Day Question and Answer special, Chaste Diary is proud to present the third installment. Since it's Christmas, this one is called "The Blue Balls Question and Answer special".

What is the first body part on a woman you are attracted to?

My apologies if I sound all deep and intellectual, but it's the eyes. No two questions about it, always have. After that, maybe hair. I notice things like breasts and backside usually as the last thing.

Do you wear cologne?

I don't. No aftershave lotion either. The musky scent they all have has always seemed too manly for me. In my opinion it's just one of those things that are meant for real men, not me.

Could you lick a penis lollipop in public?

Sure, why wouldn't I? In fact I like to amuse make my friends with things like that. They already say there is something obscene in the way I lick salt off a Pringles, so I think a penis lollipop would be an instant hit as well.

Have you ever told a kinky secret to someone and then worry after if they would tell others?

I have told them to people and then secretly hoping they would tell others. Who in turn would tell about me to a few others and... well, you get the picture. I have a fetish of getting caught, I just don't have to guts to come out of the closet as the complete freak I am.

Have you ever been reluctant or intimidated to try a something kinky only to find out once you tried it you absolutely loved it?

Being dressed up as a female and wearing makeup, or using ruby red nail polish on your fingers and toes count? Or anal training for that matter?

If you could be magically transported to your number one sexual fantasy, it woud be...

Being a nude blindfolded cunnilingus slave of a sorority party lasting for hours. That's been my fantasy for such a long time.

Worst sexual idea you ever had?

Intercourse. Every time I've tried it, the result has been a disaster. In each case for a different reason, believe it or not. I still don't get what the big deal about it is supposed to be.

If you could fuck as much as you wanted and anyone you wanted for a year, but to get there you would have to be locked in chastity for a year first,  would you do it?

For someone who has been almost 500 days without cumming and who feels he has no business of sticking his little boy clit anywhere, that is a somewhat difficult question to answer, don't you think?

If there was a reality television show made about your masturbation habits what would the title of it be?

I don't think there would be any sense to name it, because it would be a very, very, very short series.

If you were told your dick would never be inside a vagina again, what would you say?

I would look the person straight into the eyes silently for a while, and then say: "...and?"

If you could fuck anyone you wanted, but it only lasted for one minute, or you could fuck only one person for as long as you wanted, which would you choose?

Well, quite frankly, I would want anyone to be able fuck me as long as they wanted

If the woman of my dreams said she would fuck you, but only if you are in stockings, panties and heels, what would you say?

I would like her to clarify it really is she who will be fucking me, not the other way around.

If you could take a pill to make your dick ten inches long, or a pill to be rich but with a two inch dick, which would you choose?

Quite frankly, with a penis like mine, the latter is a win-win scenario. Especially if it got hard, unlike my little wiener.

If you could have any size penis you wanted how many inches would you want?

About the size of a clitoris, I think. That would reflect me the best.

If you could see any woman in the world fully naked who would she be?

An honest answer? Me. Myself, as a fully naked woman.

Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase pussy whipped?


If the woman of your dreams said she will let you fuck her for thirty minutes if you eat four loads of your own cum in front of her, would you do it?

I am not made for fucking anyone, but if the woman of my dreams agreed to fuck with another woman in front of me instead, I would be immediately interested. Cumming is okay, as long as it pleases the other person. If in this case both of them wanted to see me eat four loads of my cum, naturally I would.

Have you ever been with a women older than you by lets say ten years? Was it hot?

I have to say no to this one. But I have been with a woman that was 24 years younger than me. I was 41, and she was 17. And yes, it was hot.

I know how it sounds, but over here it is perfectly legal. Also, to tell the truth, she was the more experienced, more sophisticated and more confident one of us two. I felt like a teenage boy next to her. It lasted only three months, but they were quite a three months. I still see her occasionally, and I feel my knees giving in every time.

If a past lover showed up at your door and told you they had never forgotten you and wanted one more roll in the hay before going away would you do it regardless of your relationship status at the time?

Considering my sexual history I find that kind of situation extremely unlikely. However, since I'm nice and all I would contact my current one and ask for her opinion or consent. If I had one, that is. She'd be more than welcome to join or observe if she liked, as well. Or to bring a friend. The more the merrier.

Have you ever been busted with a boner?

Numerous times. Back in my teenage years when my cock still worked I remember several longer car trips with my family during which I dozed off in the back seat. Dozing off has always caused erections for me, and it was somewhat difficult to sneak back in to the house trying to cover a raging hard-on I had under my light blue jeans and that just wouldn't go down... It's been ages I've had that problem. Unfortunately.

What advice do you have or would you give to your younger self about masturbating?

Try finding someone to do it in front of. It's much more fun that way. Don't wait too long, because that thing of yours won't work forever. I know girls seem distant, unreachable and scary to you now, but they can be a lot of fun too. So give it a try and make a little effort. Girls don't bite. Well, some of them do, but that can be fun as well.

Have you ever felt guilt after masturbating?

Almost every time. It hits me, as I think it does to most men like a ton of bricks a mere moments after the feeling of glorious ejaculation has passed. Everything feels erotic before the orgasm, but afterwards the realization of the disgusting thing or things you have once again done hits you. 

If I've been alone at the time I've just wanted to clean things up, pull up my trousers and pretend it never happened. That it wasn't me who did it. If there's been someone involved, on a chat for example it's even worse. After the ecstasy fades away you understand what you have done and you're overcome with such shame. It's even worse if it's someone you know in real life. 

If I masturbate in front of a woman it's a bit easier. Before the ejaculation happens the more dirty the situation feels the better. Afterwards you feel so hollow, as well as ashamed of what you have done. But if the other person has ordered me to cum and assures the she is pleased, or that what I did looked at least amusing, the guilt is easier to bear. 

What is your experience with so called ruined orgasms?

I love ruined orgasms. I seldom get hard, but due to my long periods of chastity it has been possible to bring me to the edge and over it by light teasing. I love the feeling I get when I come closer and closer to the edge, my heart racing like mad.
Back in the day when my girlfriend made them to me, I usually liked to give her an advance warning when I got too close, so she could stop, watch me cool down and then start again. When I got to experience a good, unsatisfying and frustrating ruined orgasm it felt simply divine.

Usually I let my girlfriend to tease me and bring me closer and closer, and then, just after the point I knew my body was beyond the point of no return, I would grab her wrist and make her stop. 
I would then have no option but to experience the wave of orgasm starting to approach, only to wither away in a very unsatisfying manner even before it had a chance to begin.

Some occasions only a drop or two of clear liquid escaped my penis, making my girlfriend giggle. 
Afterwards I usually felt uneasy and nervous. My brain had had an orgasmic reaction, and so had my testicles, in a way, but my mind felt even more frustrated it had been before my so called cum. 

Quite recently, as I've had to start experimenting on my own again I have noticed that possible due to my past experiences and long periods of total chastity, even ruined orgasms feel extremely good. Despite the fact I remember it would have been impossible idea for me not to continue masturbating to the end. 

Lately I have been able to give myself excellent ruined orgasms that have been mind-blowing. There have been times I've been able to watch, almost like an outsider, as my limp penis spurts it's load on my lap, weak and lifeless. Those instances have been both physically and emotionally very rewarding, much more so than so called normal masturbation.

Why do you think some submissive males like the idea of having their balls damaged or destroyed?

Well, they are the symbol of manhood, aren't they? There is a saying "to have balls" which means to have courage, or strength, or guts to do something. And since many submissive males get a kick out of, or they think they are failures as men, in a traditional sense at least, naturally the idea of their testicles damaged or destroyed feels very good, natural, fitting even. 

Also, it's the place where the nasty male seed is being produced and stored. The male are prisoners of constantly wanting to get rid of it, and wanting to get laid. Much of the problems men have in their lives is caused by that need. After years, sometimes decades of such slavery, the idea of getting them properly damaged must be a very tempting one for a submissive male.

Finish this thought. The last kinky thought I had was _____ about ____

The last kinky thought I had was this morning about anal training and erotic teasing. I imagined what it would be like to have a woman in my life doing all the things I have done to myself lately. Finally I would have a huge butt plug in my ass, and she's told me to sit in my office chair, well knowing that will make me so horny I could ejaculate from a slightest touch. To prevent any "accidents" though she would shackle my hands behind my back, gag me, then get naked and start masturbating herself in a chair in front of me. Occasionally she would take a glimpse of my small, flaccid penis and smile wickedly at me, knowing very well how horny and frustrated I am, and taking great pleasure of my torment.

How's that for a fantasy to wake up to?

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