Sunday, July 19, 2015


The experiments continue. I have been trying to observe how my body and mind work, sexual wise, during the last few days. Does the heightened state of arousal remain, or does it start to fade away rapidly like it once did?

I have in other words tried to tease and edge myself regularly, despite the apparent danger. Saturday was way too busy day for my Queen and me, containing a strenuous, day-long road trip. There was one sexually interesting situation during the day but I won't go into here.

On Friday and today on Sunday I did, however, have time to experiment and it looks like the state of easy arousal remains. I conducted an experimental edging several times, one even on Saturday after the trip, and noticed I reach "the edge" much quicker than previously.

Today's experiment session was so far the most interesting. After a relatively short masturbation time, and pushing myself closer to the edge with short masturbatory spurts I felt once again the orgasmic build-up.

This time, however, I realized it wouldn't stop before actual physical release like it did on previous occasion and I knew if didn't do anything I would have an actual accidental orgasm on my hands, a one that would happen totally without the presence of my Queen.

Therefore I decided to simply squeeze the head of my limp penis shut, as tight as I could, and see what happens. I felt the orgasmic flashes, but since I didn't release my grip on my penis the amount of sperm that apparently tried to get put of the urethra never did so.

When I think of the whole thing afterwards I am a bit surprised how cold, rational and almost methodological the whole thing was. I merely looked at my penis I was shutting tight and I never "lost it", so to speak.

I know I should feel guilty. However, the recent period of heightened arousal has been so interesting it would have been a pity not to examine or take advantage of it. I admit one could claim this wasn't a "close call" anymore, but an actual ruined orgasm.

However, considering how erratic the functions of my body have been I think it would have been illogical to assume I could produce again similar semi-orgasm I did on Wednesday. Like making a jump over a ravine with a race car, and managing to land on the ground, and then making the jump again, expecting to land on the same exact spot.

Naturally I am now very intrigued as what kind of effect this will have on me. One could say that as far as the body is concerned, I have had now something it regards as an orgasm. Does this decrease my level of horniness or not, or perhaps heightens it?

One thing I can say is that after the incident I have felt nicely tense and unable to focus much on anything. In other words so far there hasn't been any of the positive effects having an orgasm has, being relaxed and so on, and I'm very happy about that.

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