Monday, August 24, 2015


This time it's a bit hard for me to decide where to start. So much has happened recently.

A week ago on Monday my Queen again paid me a surprise visit. I told her i really wouldn't have time for it, since I had tons of stuff to do. However, she was persuasive enough to make me give in.

Nevertheless, it was fun. She teased my limp cock quite expertly, and I gave her two orgasms after I had teased her quite a lot. The thing is, she has said she likes it as well, being made to to wait, horny and frustrated, almost begging for more direct attention.

I also got to use a technique I had read about but never believed would actually work: a feather.

I made my Queen to close her eyes, and went to other room to get it. When I started to caress her labia lips with it she got a bit startled and asked what it was. After I told her it was a synthetic feather she calmed down and was amazed herself how effective it was. She was dripping wet in mere minutes.

During our little session I even managed to eat her out a bit. We haven't done oral sex a lot, since finding a right position seems to be a bit difficult for us. This we didn't plan it at all, I had to stop after a while because my neck hurt too much. She enjoyed her orgasms, nevertheless.   

The next morning, after a night slept together, I got to experience something I had felt maybe once in my life: a condom on my penis. I had a morning erection and my Queen wanted to try out what putting a condom on it is like.

I had purchased a package of condoms couple of years ago, but the relationship I was at that point ended before we managed to have sex, and the package had never been opened. Yes, as you can see, I have sex very, very rarely.

I was amazed how thin those things are. When it was on me I barely saw it. I asked my Queen to lick it a bit, and she complied. I was a bit surprised how little I felt. I do know there's not much sensitivity in the head of my penis, but I was still a surprise.

At least this means that most likely I won't have to fear about premature ejaculations, when I finally get to have intercourse with my Queen.  She in turn said she suddenly realized the fascination with flavoured condoms, which I ended up buying later that week.

We also spent the last weekend together. It was all in all a four day period together, almost a record one could day. In fact my Queen even informed this morning she almost made a two cups of coffee instead of one, after being so accustomed having me around.

On Saturday we did a trip to the local Ikea store to buy things we both needed. I was once again very pleased and happy about the fact how nice and fun it is to run errands with her. I feel I don't have to pretend when I'm with her, or to worry I'm acting goofy.

It was a long day, and a one I'm sure that would have made me and my ex snapping at each other at the end of the day. With her everything is so smooth and easy. Then again, we do seem to be very good at taking the other person's needs into account, as well.

In terms of our sex life, however, something much more significant took place on that day as well.  Before making the Ikea trip we paid a quick visit to a porn store that's located near to my apartment. We had never visited a porn store together, and this was a first visit for her to a one.

I admit I was a bit worried, since I had done similar thing once, with the ex I mentioned before. And let's just say it didn't went well. My Queen, however, seemed to be very cool about everything. The fact that the place wasn't as sleazy it could have been, and that the salesperson was a young woman helped as well, I suppose.

The most important piece of information in our visit to the shop is the fact that my Queen bought her first vibrator there. I had visited the store some time ago and had come across a model that would suit her way better than the one I bought online earlier this year.

As some of you may have guessed, there has been some obstacles in our sex life. Those obstacles include also the ones having to do with penetration. Last week my Queen paid a visit to a gynaecologist and we got plenty of new, somewhat surprising information. There seems to be light in the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Pun not intended.

On Sunday we finally had a chance to try the vibrator and quite frankly, I have to say: "Heureka!". I don't want to go into too much detail, but the purchase as well as us trying it out. or rather in, was a success. I like my girlfriend's new toy a lot and hope to have a lots of fun in the future by making love to her with it.

Afterwards we talked about it a bit and my Queen assured she will start using it a lot when I'm not around. I'm so happy.

At that point I would have been quite ready to call the weekend a success. However, as I departed her place on Sunday it was clear both of us wanted to prolong the visit. It was an incredibly idyllic, warm summer evening. First we ended up having ice cream on a rather fancy, new ice cream place downtown, after which I invited her to visit my place.

It was quite a visit.

Like I've stated before, we're both switches, my Queen and I. She has a habit of occasionally mentioning her fantasies to me, things she would like me sometimes do. I have tried to take her wished into account, even though being a dom isn't in my nature. However, I love my Queen and want very much for her to be happy.

When she was at my place one thing led to another and I ended up, on the spur of the moment, giving her a good domination session. During it I did most of the things she has mentioned recently. She was surprised to say the least, but then again, so was I.

The session started with me disrobing her as we were standing and kissing, which made her unbelievably wet. I proceeded masturbating her as she stood there. I did it almost against her will, which only seemed to add to her horniness. It didn't take long for her to cum, with her body almost completely limp, arms wrapped around my neck and me supporting her weight.

I continued the session by cuffing her hands and putting a nice, wide red leather collar I own on her, as well as pulling her around from it a bit. I also got to demonstrate my collection of clothespins for her, and put two of them on her beautiful tits. There was also a lot of ordering her around and generally me being "cruel" and "mean" to her. She seemed to love every minute of it.

All of this made her quite horny, and as we finally lay on the bed together, with her totally nude and hands cuffed behind her back, the two clothespins still on her tits, she said the clothespins alone almost made her orgasm. As I took them off and then started to lick her nipples lovingly she sounded as if she was going insane, and said my tongue had never felt like that.

I also found that being "mean" can be quite fun. After the first one was off and she were starting to sound... well, way too coherent, I snapped the other one off with her in the middle of a sentence, taking her quite off guard and making her scream out loud. "Did you do that on purpose?" she asked me after she had recovered, and I nodded. The smile she gave me could have melt mountains.

After the pins were off I started masturbating her with lots of lube, and managed to make her orgasm twice. The last one seemed to last several minutes. I must say it was very enjoyable, keeping the constant rhythm as I slid my fingers on her slick pussy, and listening her orgasm, over and over, and hearing her moaning and howling become more and more loud.   

Finally she had to literally beg me top stop, because she was so powerless and almost unable to speak.  All in all, I managed to make her orgasm five times that day. Afterwards the last one was the best orgasm of her entire life. I can't help but to feel a bit proud of myself.

I know this doesn't sound a weekend of a sub and his Mistress. Then again, my Queen has given me so much, being so cool about my need to submit to her, accepting the responsibility of controlling my orgasms, that I want to give something back in return.

I am also very happy about the fact that even though there was a lot of teasing involved, we never came close to a slip up. On several mornings my Queen teased me, sometimes even masturbated me properly, and made me very horny in mere minutes.

However, every time I realized I started to approach the danger zone I informed her about it immediately and she stopped what she was doing. We seem to be getting better and better at keeping me horny and frustrated, and I have a feeling my Queen starts to enjoy it more and more, as well.

At one point, during the weekend, when she was teasing me very expertly, I remember being quite incoherent and telling her that for me the most erotic feature in her is face. That sweet, innocent face, smiling so broadly and watching me writhe in frustration and sexual agony.   

I love her so.

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