Sunday, August 30, 2015


My Queen has been traveling this weekend, which has left me a lot of time to be on my own. During that time I've tried to do the stuff I should have done for weeks now. However, I emphasize the word "try", since I seem to be way too preoccupied to focus much on anything.

My Queen even commented about that, as I was seeing her off to the railway station, the fact I seem to think about sex much more than she does. "Usually I just do it and then I can then I go on for days and not to think about it at all." I was a bit surprised, and had to ask: "Honey, you do understand there is a reason for it?".

She can masturbate if she is tense, or had a bad day, or just feels like it. It relaxes her nicely and after that she can take a little nap. I can't do that. What was once the same kind of private momentary retreat is off limits for me now.

Yes, I think sex most of the time, but that's because I can't get a relief when I want to.

However, there is no one else I can blame this on than myself. In fact, every time I feel the boiling sensation in my testicles and know I won't give myself release, while my Queen is free to cum as much as she wants I couldn't be happier.

If you have read my updates some months ago you know I experienced a rather interesting phenomenon earlier this summer. Possibly due to warm weather I felt my libido going overdrive, resulting to some rather interesting period of my life.

Four weeks ago my Queen finally made me to ejaculate for her. I feel no regret about it. After all, I love her and I'm hers to use however she sees fit. That applies to my ejaculations as well. They are hers now, and she is free to do with them whatever she likes. That was also the first time she got to see what I look like when I cum.

However, it seems me ejaculating made my libido, at least when my testicles are concerned, to go to sleep, despite me trying to give it as much visual stimulation as possible. There's horniness in my head, but not in my balls. I've hoped what I felt earlier during the summer would return, but so far no such luck.

Currently we're experiencing the last days of summer over here in Finland, and this Saturday was an exceptionally warm day. I'm unsure whether it was the heat, or all the time I was by myself, or perhaps being very scantily dressed, but during the whole weekend I felt more horny physically than I've felt in ages when I'm on my own.

Like you most likely read from my last update, earlier this week I trimmed my groin area a bit, to give my Queen smooth balls to handle. Since I want to keep them that way I continued the trimming during the weekend, and hunting runaway hairs I may have missed earlier.

I was doing it yesterday, while sitting in my chair. The sun was shining through the window directly at my balls and penis, making it easier to find loose hairs. When I had finished what I was doing I gave my balls one last feel and then grabbed my limp penis into my fist, to make sure there wasn't any stubble left.

And then... something happened and I immediately let go of my limp penis. I looked at it shocked, still basking in the sunlight. What had just taken place? It had happened so quickly it's hard to tell. All I know at that point it felt if I had hold my limp penis a second longer I would have ejaculated.

It seems my libido may be finally waking up. That, or it was merely the warm weather and my imagination is playing tricks on me. Naturally I wish it weren't that, and I'm getting my sweet frustration back. It also means I need to be extra careful from now on.

We discussed the matter very briefly on-line with my Queen tonight, and I told her, quite directly, how horny I had been the whole Sunday as well.

"Sorry, I don't know where that came from", I said.

"It came from your balls", she answered "Then again, they haven't gotten a release for some time now, haven't they."

Then there was pause and she continued: "Well, in fact they have been without a release for only a short while. We must correct this. And the only way to correct this is to make sure they won't be able to cum for a long, long time."

Have I told you yet how much I love her?

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