Monday, September 14, 2015


I got to experience something beyond weird last weekend. I haven't had that much luck in the love department in my life, but I do have a couple of women I can call ex's.

On Saturday I attended a bar night with my current girlfriend, aka the Queen, a one which also my ex girlfriend of eight years was present at one point. They have been in a same room before, but had never spoken to each other.

This time they sat side by side at a bar table, even introducing themselves to each other. And I have to say it was weird. I am not even sure my ex realized who it was she was sitting beside with, but still.

Later on my girlfriend commented to me had I realized how much they resemble each other. I hadn't never thought of it, and even though they are very different kind of people, I admit it, yes. There are similarities. At least when it comes to hair color and something I can only describe as "classiness".

I even had to admit that looking at them made me think I was 
 and I do know saying a thing like this is more than a bit chauvinistic  looking at... well, "the old model" and "the new, improved model". 

Like I said, beyond weird.

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