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I came across yesterday a news about a proposed bill in Georgia, USA. The bill would require men 55 and older to report each and every time they ejaculate to the nearest law enforcement agency immediately. The bill is naturally only a PR gimmick, and as such an effective one, and it's aimed against legislating birth control and abortion. But it got me thinking.

I wanted to share the piece of news and started writing. I was supposed to write only a few lines, but the text just kept coming and coming. One could I got an inspiration. I admit, what I wrote is polemic, and I did want to rise eyebrows with it, and I was very turned on doing so, as well.

And yes, the scope on what I wrote is extremely narrow when it comes to different preferences, meaning it is limited only to men and women and relationships between them. In other words, please bear in mind that this is a masturbation fantasy. It is, however, also something I have lived by for several years and what I truly believe in. Call it my "Chastity Manifesto", if you will.

Men of this world need to made understand, once and for all, that ejaculating and orgasming is a privilege for men, not a basic right. It's just not right, or natural for men to decide when they get to cum and when not.

When men indulge to this filthy habit they are committing a crime against themselves, a crime against womanhood and a crime against the nature. Male getting to decide about his own ejaculations is immoral, unnatural, harmful and wrong. It is not the healthy, natural way of relieving pressure we have been taught it is.

Male getting to decide when he ejaculates gives him the message his sex organs are there for his own pleasure, thereby perverting his sexuality. A male ejaculation is something that's supposed to be a sacred, holy act, and something that should took place as infrequently as possible. And always, always either in the presence of a woman, or at least after being given permission to it by a woman.

Why? Because the center of a man's life should be the woman in his life, not his own hand! A woman's orgasm should always be the one in the man's mind, not his own. Quite simply, because woman's orgasm is much more important and should be valued more. Woman is physically capable of orgasming more frequently, and therefore she should experience it more often, not the male.

The job of a male is to help a woman in his life to orgasm, any way he can. If he is allowed to cum whenever he likes he forgets this responsibility, and is under the false belief sex is about his pleasure, not the woman's. In truth however this is vice versa, sex is about woman's pleasure, and about man helping her to achieve it. 

But isn't it awfully unfair and cruel, you ask? Doesn't this mean the men would be constantly horny and aching to cum? Isn't it wrong for women to get to cum all the time, but limit it for men? 

Well, one could ask whether it's unfair and cruel to put reins on a horse. Some may say it is, but it is also necessary. Reins are needed to make the horse do whatever it is its rider needs it to do. The same thing applies to men. Limiting male's orgasm are the reins he is controlled with. Reins do not make the horse unhappy, and neither should controlling man's orgasms should make him unhappy.

Is the man constantly horny and aching to cum? Naturally. But that is exactly the point. By putting the valve there, the woman is able to harness the power that lies within the man's testicles. In a way, man's body, or his genitals, are like a motor, and his horniness, or orgasms, are energy build-ups created by the motor. A horny man behaves like he do merely because he has too much energy within his testicles. 

However, if the male is allowed to cum whenever he feels like, it means all that energy goes to waste. By putting a valve on male's sexual energy it is possible to direct and focus that energy into something actually useful, instead of his orgasms. That may be the sexual pleasure of the woman in his life, some other efficient activity she sees fit, or something else entirely.

A horny man is focused, eager to please the woman in his life in any way he can, because he knows his chances of being able to cum depend solely on her. Also, men enjoy being horny, immensely, whether they admitted it or not. Being horny makes them feel alive, and it also does good for them, mentally as well as physically. Ultimately, a horny man is a happy man.

Woman's orgasm is another matter entirely. The way I see it, woman's ability to potentially cum much more often than man, as well as the problems some women have achieving an orgasm, seem to suggest women are meant to orgasm more than they currently do. Therefore women should be encouraged to orgasm as much as possible, whereas for men, for whom it is way too easy, it should be limited to absolute minimum.

Therefore orgasm should always be a prize for the man, something he gets only if he has fulfilled his responsibilities towards the woman adequately. If that man has no such woman, for one reason or another, it is simply the mother nature's way of saying that man should not cum, it's as simple as that. That their cum should stay in their testicles, as long as they live.

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  1. Although I agree with the sentiment, I do not think you understand the nature of the male. Gooning to cum helps him. Like a woman who drops an egg every month, it keeps the body healthy. By gooning, males work their prostate, pull and grow longer erectile tissue, and even work the seminal vesicles, without this daily workout, the boy would not adequately be prepared to foster an intamite relations worthy of her. Being limp 24/7 may be optimal for some, but just because he isn't currently with a woman, doesn't mean he shouldnt prepare, often... Think of it as preforming tribute.. Do it for her..

    I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about men, my bad...