Thursday, November 7, 2019


The picture I have chosen as illustration for this blog post is a photo I came across with at some point. I find it extremely erotic, and I have wanted to write a longer description why that is. However, since I am aware it would simply disappear elsewhere, I am making a post of it here.

As most assumed males, I too have a desire to be watched when I masturbate. The fetish for it is so common among men, no matter whether you are submissive or not, that I can only suspect it serves some primal need in us. Naturally many women have that need too.

It is, however, something that has been an extremely rare treat for me. That is to be expected, considering how sad and limited my sexual history is. My first girlfriend also found it really problematic. On the other hand doing it on-line is way too risky, and I have no desire to end up being blackmailed. I have heard some chilling horror stories.

One solution I have come up with are my so called "wanking mirrors". If you're interested, you are free to use the search box on the right to find out what they are. In a way they make it possible for me to be watched by someone when I masturbate, even if that someone is me. Also, using them is extremely humiliating.

Usually when a male cums he closes his eyes to enjoy the experience fully, without anything interfering it. However, back in the day when I used to cum, I did it differently if I felt especially naughty, and forced myself to watch my facial expressions from a mirror as I ejaculated. One could say I wanted to see what women have had to endure when they have had to see me cum.

Therefore, my desire to be watched when I masturbate has nothing to do with me believing it would be something hot to see, not even sexy. I am painfully aware I am not sexy to look at, least of which watching me masturbate. Bear in mind, my excuse of a penis doesn't even get hard, but stays limp the whole time.

I am aware if a woman saw me masturbating now, she would think of it pathetic, ridiculous, perhaps even sad. All the huffing and puffing, and pulling on that little limp piece of skin? The most I could hope was her to see it as funny, and amusing. Something she could be more than welcomed to laugh at.

Because let's face it she would be absolutely right to do so. I do look pathetic and sad when I masturbate or edge. I have seen it myself, when I've cummed in front of a full body mirror. Sometimes, knowing that is the thing that turns me on, as I do it. How sad and pathetic it is, especially if I am pulling my limp clit fifth hour in a row.

Like I said, I haven't had many chances for being observed while I masturbate, not even a one woman. The thing is, fantasy wise the next step up from there is to be observed by several women. In fact, that has been one of my biggest fantasies, ever since childhood. All of you, who have read my fiction know the subject pops up from there over and over again.

For some reason many submissive men seem to find the thought of being naked in front of teenage girls, either masturbating or doing something else humiliating, extremely hot. I understand that fascination and share it, as well. The mere thought of being taken advantage and humiliated by a group on young women is indeed extremely hot. At the same time it is something I won't ever experience, naturally.

All the women in the photo are in their early twenties, but it is not the only thing that makes me find the photo so erotic. There is also the fact they are looking at the camera, or me, from the above. This means I must be on my back on the ground or the floor, masturbating while the girls have gathered above me to observe my facial expressions.

And finally, there is the fact not one of them is smiling. They're all dead serious, looking at me intently, closely, and silently. There is no evidence they would find what I do pleasing, not even amusing. They are merely interested to see what a male look like when he masturbates.


  1. I love your blog. Your posts are exciting. I feel identified with your experience.
    I hope you keep sharing these fantasies. Greetings from Central America

  2. Firstly, I luv your post and totally understand what is meant. I am way too shy to enjoy being watched, though online seems different, I might for a camera..