Monday, March 16, 2015


Okay. It's 500 days now, finally. I think I'm supposed to say something.

First of all, I have a strange feeling looking at the figure. For so long it was my goal and after reaching it I feel it should mean more to me.

I suppose I would feel more victorious if there hadn't been the unfortunate slip-up a mere days before. I am glad and proud to say it wasn't me who gave in, but my body.

Happily I didn't get any sort of enjoyment out of it, quite the opposite. And in return I got back my libido, and hornyness roughly ten times compared to the one I had prior to my accident.

In fact I'm continually so horny nowadays, yesterday I though I could have ejaculated into my pants, just by thinking about it. I even tried it, to have a frustrating ruined orgasm, to celebrate my 500 days, but at the last moment my body got a stage fright, or something. The experience was wonderfully frustrating thought.

So, things could be worse I suppose.

At the moment there are things happening my life which may make it unpractical or impossible to continue my ban indefinitely. But it's been quite a ride, to get this far. To be allowed to enjoy the frustration as long as I have.

Despite the accident I had, the counter keeps ticking until further notice. November the first, 2013, still marks the date I had satisfying full orgasm the last time.

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