Friday, March 27, 2015


There is something I need to tell you all. Something that may surprise you quite a lot. Something even myself have trouble coming terms with. Some of you know about it already, some of you have been totally unaware of it. I apologize for keeping this a secret, but I have had to twist my head around it myself before I do it, as well.

I… have a girlfriend.

Yes, I know. It seems ridiculous. A male with my history, and total lack of means of keeping a woman happy, and sexually satisfied? I have trouble understanding it either. Truth to tell I had already lost the hope of ever finding a woman in my life ever again, someone I could share my life, and myself with.

But yet, it happened. This stunning, beautiful, funny and smart young woman walks into my life and seems for some reason to be interested in me. And for the first time in my life I have the guts doing something about it. Despite knowing I couldn’t ever be enough for her.

It has been happening gradually over the last few months. I have told her, bit by bit, all about me, and my fetishes, and she has turned out to be very open-minded about everything, despite having almost as limited history of actually practicing sex, than I have.

A little over week ago I finally took the last step and told her about my cum ban. On the 500th day of my chastity, as it happened. It was one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life. My heart raced and I was in the verge of having a panic attack.

And you know what? She was totally cool about it. She seemed even to be a little amused, saying she didn’t understand how come telling me this was such a big deal?

At that moment it felt a ton weigh had been lifted from my chest. Prior to that I had felt as if I had cheated on her, by not telling about my cum ban. And I was mortified, thinking how she might react, and how it would affect our relationship.

I’ve been delirious the past week and a half. I’ve told her over and over again I have the coolest girlfriend in the universe, and she has continued to be amused, even puzzled, watching me react this way. If I like something, and don’t harm anyone else, where’s the harm?

I loved her even before, but after our discussion my love for her became tenfold. At the moment she’s the sexiest woman in the whole world for me. And as incredible as it is, she seems to be crazy about me, as much as I’m crazy about her. Despite all my shortcomings.

I know you’re all thinking the same things I’ve had. What about his cum ban? Is it all over now? Will they start fucking now? I thought the sorry excuse of a man wasn’t able to get it up? Is she dominant? Is she his girlfriend now, or a Mistress?

These are all valid questions, and something I have had gone over and over in my head, questions we have talked about as well. There’s a million and one things to solved.

Like I said earlier, she’s very open-minded and loves me very much, which itself carries you a long way. Neither has she demanded I end my cum ban instantly, and start cumming, of fucking her like a normal man.

Quite the contrary, she seems to be interested becoming the one supervising my project from now on, a responsibility I have been offering to her quite eagerly. I don’t mind if she orders me to cum tomorrow, because I would do it under her control. My orgasms belong to her now.

I have finally made it, is seems. There’s finally something in my life I have longed, for so long. A woman I love, and who loves me enough to overlook my shortcomings. I cannot believe how fortunate I am.

From this day on my chastity, body and soul belongs to my Queen.

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