Thursday, June 25, 2015


The two-day long 600th day anniversary celebration with my Queen is now successfully completed. Giving a fully detailed description would take way too much space, and I'm still surprised all the things we managed to do. It was quite a couple of days.

Among other things the activities included: 1) a session during which I got to make my Queen cum four times in a row (our record so far), 2) having drinks at my favorite pub to celebrate the occasion (we were supposed to go to a fancy restaurant to do it in, but we couldn't find anything open at that hour), 3) having a nice and relaxing sauna together (a Finnish thing, but it was something we hadn't done together before), 4) a little bit of CFNM (something I've fantasized about for a long time), 5) me unpacking and trying out my male lace panties I've had a long time, and showing off my bum for her in them (according to her they make it look quite yummy even when I'm waring slacks), 6) my Queen trying some makeup on me (she likes to make me "look pretty", apparently), 7) some really nice edging in front of my Queen with her teasing me verbally, 8) a nice, romantic "sunday walk" with my Queen while wearing the panties (which, like I suspected, slid straight to my bum crack, making the walk delightfully uncomfortable), 9) a really wicked session during which my Queen rode on top of me and tortured my full bladder at the same time, with my vibrator lodged between us (you wouldn't believe the moaning we made) and finally even 10) my Queen letting me eat her out for the first time ever (according to her the experience wasn't unpleasant).

One thing I'm very happy about as well, is the fact that my Queen didn't made me cum after all, but instead decided to continue the ban a little bit further. 

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