Thursday, October 15, 2015


I have once again something interesting to tell you. At least I think it is rather interesting. It's about my so-called sex life, and as usual, it involves my Queen.

Last Sunday I ended up spending a night at her place. The visit was quite unplanned one and I had no intention of spending the night there, but of course I am glad I did. 

The visit was originally intended as a shorter one, but as we were cuddling and kissing on the bed, and as I felt her warm soft body next to me, I understood very quickly I wasn't going out there in the cold that night anymore.

One interesting detail that may interest you is the discovery I made as we were kissing and she started to pinch my nipples a bit. I like a little pain, but often too much of it takes the fun away. This time, however, she did it while we kissing and I realized this way my tolerane to pain is much higher.

I even tested the discovery a bit and stopped kissing as she did it, and it soon became too much for me to bear. When I started kissing her again the pain sort of got mixed with all the other sensations again, and was only one proof for me my Queen truly loves me, giving me all the delicious pain.

It got so intense my Queen even said she was afraid she will tear my nipple off with her sharp nail tips. I assured her that wouldn't happen. Even though I admit, the nipples looked quite mistreated the next day. They also stayed sore and hard several days afterwards. Hopefully my Queen will do the same in the future as well.

One reason for our rather steamy and dreamy cuddling was also the fact that we both were almost falling asleep at that point. After all, it was rather late at the time. 

So, off to bed we went. Since I hadn't prepared in any way to my visit my Queen offered me a pink girls' t-shirt to wear for the night, with Winnie the Pooh on it, of all things. My Queen said she had gotten it when she had been twelve, but it fit me quite nicely. It was made out of very sheer cotton and was very comfortable to wear.

I must say I simply loved it. The design as well as the colour made me feel not only quite girly, but also, while I looked myself in the mirror wearing nothing but the skimpy, short t-shirt, rather... well, obscene. Obscene, in a good way that is. My Queen also complemented it, and said it pink suits me, and that the shirt made my "skin glow", and I quite agree with her.

We went into bed and after some cuddling I asked if she would tease me a bit, even though I felt somewhat guilty doing that. The thing is, when we started dating my Queen had an aversion to penises and it took quite a while for her to get acquainted with mine. She's still not crazy about them, and lately it seems the aversion may be doing a comeback. Naturally this saddens me.

When we were cuddling and the was fondling my soft penis in her fingers I asked whether penises, or my penis, still scares her, the way she said they once did. She said it does not, and I got even her to say she prefers my penis being limp rather that hard. After all, my limp penis is soft, smooth, unthreatening and safe. I quite liked hearing that.  

I also asked did it disturb her when I beg her to touch it. She said it doesn't, even though she has noted that after we made it forbidden for me to touch it on my own I have become much more demanding about it. I said I was sorry, but explained that it was to be expected. After all, at the moment all sensation I get down there, all the enjoyment, comes from her alone, when we're together. 

Also, and I can't emphasize it enough, her fingers feel so absolutely divine when she touches me down there. Being fondled, touched, teased or even masturbated is such a rare treat for me nowadays. However, at the same time I think the no-touching ban was the best idea we've ever had. 

For some that night her touch felt even more divine than usual. I am not sure why that was. Was it because we hadn't seen each other for a while, was it the situation, was it because we were both almost falling asleep. Was it the Winnie the Pooh shirt I wore. Or was it the fact that I had been.. to put it bluntly, very horny the whole week.

The thing is, lately I have been a bit worried my libido may be falling asleep again. It is now about three weeks since my Queen made me cum. Since that I haven't felt much about anything down there, at least not the kind of horniness I expected or hoped for.

During the last week, however, it seems something has been waking up down there, and erotic images have begun to create in me the familiar, frustrating feelings they did in the summer. Naturally I have been very pleased about the development. 

My Queen continued fondling the tip of my limp penis as we were under the covers, and I was surprised to realize how good it felt. We spoke to each to other softly in the darkness, about the way I'm not allowed to cum but she wants to tease me nevertheless, things that always get me hot.   

At some point I realized her other breast was very close to me, and I started to rub her nipple through the t-shirt she was wearing. She started moaning and in a weird way it seemed I was actually masturbating myself, and she felt the sensations on the tip of my limp penis, making her moan. 

It was very, very intense.

It seemed that something indeed was alive in my testicles. Or, like I described it to my Queen, it felt as if some sort of liquid, or mass, was moving about in my balls, They seemed so alive, more alive they had been in ages.

In retrospection I think it all lasted perhaps only ten or fifteen minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Soon I realized it all felt way too good. She didn't do much, merely played with the tip in her fingers, and teased me verbally from time to time, how she didn't want me to cum, no matter how good it felt. 

Naturally I didn't want to cum either, but I didn't want her to stop, because it felt so utterly divine. I wanted to get so close to orgasm I could taste it, feeling the desire to cum, a sensation so strong I had to fight it, and drag myself from the edge. To prove I'm in charge, not my body. That my mind still has the determination to stay chaste.

Finally, with great haste, I told her to stop and pulled her wrist off of me. 

Then, I merely waited. I felt... something starting to happen. 

I felt several very faint spasms and something wet but very tiny making its way out of my limp penis. I hardly dare even to breathe during the while time, and I felt my Queen being completely silent and motionless as well. It was somehow very intense moment. 

My Queen checked the sheets afterwards and there indeed was a tiny drop of something in them. For all we know, it may have been only precum. What I had experienced hadn't been an orgasm, not even close to it. But it was the most close close-call, if you will, we have so far been able to produce on me. 

We discussed the issue afterwards a bit and my Queen agreed it may have been a ruined orgasm, of sorts, or a very, very stifled one. I can't help but to thank our timing this time. One or two strokes more, and we would have had another accident in our hands. This time all there was simply the sweet frustration.

Another proof that something had indeed happen was the rest of the night. It seemed something was indeed alive down there. I felt discomfort that kept me tossing and turning most of the night. It felt almost as if my testicles hadn't like what has taken place one bit. Too bad, they have to merely get used to it, since I hope we will be able to do the same many times with my Queen in the future.

Thinking about what took seems to be a good way to keep me turned on. This all took place almost a week ago, but still, as I think about it, I feel horniness rising its head. Even now, as I write this blog post, I feel a churnging sensation in my testicles. 

In any case, in the morning I was in a very amorous mood. I was filled with such gratitude, love and desire to somehow repay my Queen her kindness. I got up earlier than she did and brought her coffee to bed. She seemed bemused as she looked at me and drank her coffee, almost as if having it brought to bed was somehow out of the ordinary.

At that point I was already supposed to be off to run errands, and I even had my semi-formal wear on. However, I stayed for a little while more, since I had something in my mind. Cuddling and kissing led to other things and soon I had removed all her clothes, something she seems to enjoy.

After that it was a time for a nice and long series of orgasms for her, which I hope she liked.

Not a bad unplanned visit, I would say.                

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