Thursday, October 29, 2015


It somewhat difficult to start this blog post subtly, so I'm going for the not-so-subtle approach. I've been rather horny lately. 

At one point I was afraid my libido was going to stay asleep forever, but for a several weeks now I've experienced nice, frustrating waves of horniness when I've seen or read erotic material, and I often wake up with a nice erection.

During the last week or so I have dreamed several times about masturbating. It is natural, after all, since I think about it almost all the time, but have no permission to do it in the waking world.

Sometimes in my dreams I'm attempting to produce a ruined orgasm on myself, or I'm just masturbating furiously in front of my computer. It's always merely masturbating, never fucking, or even cumming.

Then again, the mind compiles the dream together out of memories. Since I've had very little experiences in actual fucking it's logical I don't dream about it either. The same goes with ejaculating lately.

On one occasion I do remember having an "accident" in my dream, and trying to shut it down, or "stifling" it by squeezing my limp dick tightly. It had no effect, though, and sperm still tried to push itself out.

In the dream it felt completely logical that the only way to somehow remedy the situation was to position myself so that I could pour the sperm right into my mouth. Most likely because that way it would still remain inside my body, I suppose. Dream logic is funny sometimes.

It is curious though, that while I did it in the dream, I felt no shame or disgust whatsoever. The dream also felt incredibly realistic, so much in fact that after I woke up it took me a while to understand that hadn't actually happened.

What can I say? It seems my libido is alive and kicking.

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