Sunday, December 27, 2015


It's been a while since the last update. Reason for it is the holiday season, as well the fact that my Queen is spending it with her relatives. This means we won't see each other for almost three weeks. 

In fact for a while it looked we wouldn't be able to see each other at all before Christmas. Fortunately that didn't came to be and we had a chance to spend a day together before the holiday madness. 

We had both been very productive in our vanilla lives the preceding week or two, and felt it would have been very unfair we wouldn't have had a chance to see each other at all. 

However, ultimately it worked out and my Queen spent a night at my place. Originally our plan was to hang together only that one night, due to my travel plans. I decided to change my plans, however, to be able to spend a little more time with her, which meant we had a good part of the next day for ourselves as well.

What was very unfortunate though was the fact that Mother Nature had once again decided to make her monthly appearance at that time. This meant the visit included only a lot of cuddling, teasing and general fooling around. 

The most important thing to take place during her visit was naturally the fact I got to tell my Queen about the rubber chastity cage I had purchased. I had told her beforehand I had news for her, and as you may guess, I was very, very nervous when it came the time to actually tell them to her. 

So, it was a great relief for me she didn't freak out. One could even say she was mostly curious about it, above anything else. She was also as astonished as I was about the price of the toy. Like I told her, it is the best 11 euros I've ever spent.

In fact, I told her, it had been almost a week since I had picked the device up, and in that short time it had become a very dear toy to me. Having fun with it, without my Queen even knowing about the purchase, felt almost as if I had "cheated" on her.

After showing her the toy I showed her my two earlier blog posts, since they were, after all, written for her, first and foremost. She seemed to enjoy reading them, and I heard her giggling a bit while she did it.    

I was also very pleasantly surprised hearing her say, in the course of the time we were together, that the cage doesn't look creepy or perverse on me, only very natural. Natural, secure and safe. I still can't believe my luck I've managed to find a girl like her.

She was naturally eager to see how I put it on, before going to bed. As I had told her, the best results I get when I first tape up my penis a pit, before putting it to the cage. I had done it numerous times on my own, but doing it when she watched and pointed the nightstand light towards me, was quite an experience nevertheless.

What was interesting was also the observation she made about my testicles. According to her they now look much more soft, loose and "detached" from my body. Having never worn the device it's hard to say whether this is normal or not. 

Then again, like I've said, using the device has become more and more comfortable over time, so it's safe to assume my testicles are being "molded" in the process as well. However, I don't feel any pain on my testicles, so it's hard to be concerned about the change my balls seem to be undergoing.

After all the effort it would have been nice if I had gotten a nice erection during the night, and she would have seen how the device looks when my penis is trying its very best to get hard inside it. Or how much in discomfort I look, as I feel it throbbing inside the tight rubber tube. 

No such luck, however. I can only hope I can offer her that experience at some later date.  

In any case, going to bed with her, with the cage on and limp penis taped up inside it was itself an incredible feeling. In fact more incredible I could have ever believed. As we spooned next to each other and both started to fall asleep it felt so good being locked up, and secure, next to her.   

As I said, we had the good part of the next day for ourselves, but not all of it. There wasn't a lot of time, a mere hours to tell the truth, but we spent it the best way we could.
All in all I'm very very pleased my Queen seemed to feel as comfortable playing with me while I was wearing the device. Among other things she sort of tickled the head of my penis through the very small opening at the side of the device. 

The hole wasn't bigger than a fingertip, but I believe she could have made me ejaculate inside the device if she had kept doing it. Naturally I warned her way in advance when it started feeling too good, and she stopped, since neither of us wanted me to cum.

We also tried, for fun, the actual procedure of "locking me up". The device I own came with a miniature lock, but since I've been mostly playing with the device on my own, and since it stays on perfectly well without the lock I haven't felt need to use the lock.

Even though it was just a play, I must admit that just laying there, watching my Queen searching for the hole for the lock and then, finally... clicking the lock shut filled me with such excitement. 

We also tried using the vibrator on the rubber device the way I described in my earlier blog post. However, we noticed that apparently I need to be turned on from the start, for the vibration to have any effect. No matter how long I used the vibrator on the rubber device I got nowhere near the edge I experienced and described earlier.

Playing with the vibrator did however, lead us into different kind of playing. Seeing me using the vibrator on myself, as I lay on the bed beside her, seemed to please my Queen and she made a remark on how full and red my lips were, and that how pretty I would look if she put some lipstick on.

"W-why don't you put some then?" I said, using the vibrator and feeling very feminine, not to mention submissive.

"You would like that?", she said.

"Y-yes I would", I said, almost whispering, and my voice shaking. The scenario had made me tremble with excitement and shame at the same time. "Please, put lipstick on me. I want to be pretty for you."

Yes, I admit, I was somewhere very deep in some "sub space" at that point, but saying all those things did feel good, as well as the thoughts behind them.

She started with something one could call a traditional lipstick, and that was rather conservative shade. After she told me she had also with her lipstick that was more red I asked if she tried it too. It was a one you apply with a tiny brush. Putting the latter on felt weird, and I must say I liked the first one better, merely for its symbol value.

It took me a while, though, to gather enough courage to go and see myself in a mirror. It is, after all, one thing being submissive to your girlfriend. It is another thing entirely to actually see your own face with lisptick on, for the first time in my life.

I didn't freak out, in a manner I kind of was afraid. It looked... strange. Even though it wasn't "me" in the way I'm used to seeing myself, it wasn't obscene or ridiculous. My Queen agreed and said the lipstick looked "surprisingly natural" on me.  

She even teased me about it a bit and told that if I took a picture of lips with lipstick on, really shaved properly beforehand and perhaps even photoshopped the remaining stubble away, cropped it so it showed only the lips and a little bit of the face around it, and put it as a profile picture on some fetish site, I would get so much attention. 

In fact she said, as she amazed them, that I have so much better lips than she has, it makes her envious. This all was pretty strange to hear, but I admit, rather nice as well. 

We also had a bit of fun of talking about me being both her boyfriend as well as girlfriend, all in one. I had said to her earlier, and said it again, that it doesn't mind me if she thinks me as her girlfriend. 

The thing is, my Queen has sexual attraction for women as well, and lately she has had related erotic dreams, which has caused her much anxiety. I have told her over and over again I don't mind it, and that I'm totally cool about it.

Naturally I don't want her to feel bad over something she doesn't have control over, especially since I know how much she loves me. Our little game, so to speak, was my way of trying to make her feel better.

We even went as far as playing with the idea that we could now both start calling my penis, not a penis but a clitoris. One that just a bit overgrown, but still a clitoris, not a penis. "It would be a lot less intimidating that way", she said.

After all this it may feel a bit contradictory that before she left my place I got to show off for her my upper body muscles. The thing is, I have lately tried to build some mass into them, since I know my Queen also likes well formed arms, shoulders and backs. 

She seemed to like me posing for her quite a lot, and told me she indeed has in me, both a girlfriend, but also a very good looking boyfriend.  

I shouldn't be allowed to be this happy, I know.

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