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Usually around new year one is supposed to look back, reflect the past year and make resolutions for the next one. In this blog post I intend to do just that, but in the form of statistics, one could say.

From a certain perspective one could say 2015 was a failure for me, in terms of chastity at least. After 2014, a year that was totally cum free for me, I ended up letting ejaculate escape my testicles eight times in 2015. In my defence I can only say that I was, after all, in a relationship the whole time, which demands one to make compromises.

Like all faithful readers of my blog know, this year has been a full of things I had no idea about last January. The biggest thing to happen in terms of my chastity project took place in March. At that point I finally managed to gather enough courage to tell my girlfriend I hadn't orgasmed by my own free will since November the first, 2013.

To my great surprise and relief my girlfriend was totally cool about it, and was kind enough to take control of my orgasms. At that point forward it wasn't up to me anymore whether I orgasmed or not   

During my girlfriend's visit before the holiday season we noticed that according the statistics I keep, that day, 18th of December, was the 777th day since the last time I masturbated and ejaculated by my own free will. During that that time there has been only the eight discharges I mentioned. 

All of the instances have either been very unpleasurable accidents, ruined "orgasms" or ones done by command, and had taken place in the course of last 270 or so days. 
In that time my Queen had orgasmed over 110 times. This makes the ratio between her orgasms and my ejaculations under 0,07. 

Even if we look at only the past year, the average is one ejaculation in every 45 days. Considering there was once a time when a day without masturbation was a wasted one for me, once in 45 days is still pretty good, wouldn't you say? 

Naturally we both agreed, as I discussed the matter with my Queen, that the past few chastity periods had been way, way short. Granted, the longest one in 2015 was 73 days but the shortest one was mere 21 days, which is pitifully short time. In November there had even been two ejaculations in consecutive days.

In case someone is interested, here is the same information as spreadsheet. Yes, I like to keep things organized, including my chastity.

Green, which isn't seen in the chart above, since it last took place in 2013, would mark days I have been free to cum whenever I wish. Red marks the chaste days and purple the days I have been chaste supervised by my Queen. 

Black marks accidental ruined orgasms that have happened on my own and grey marks close calls with orgasmic build-up but no physical release. These have taken place both on my own and with my Queen.

Dark red ones mark the days I have been in total masturbation or edging ban supervised by my Queen. Both of us agreed it would be a good idea to put me one, due to numerous accidents I had had. 

And finally, pink marks the ruined orgasms given to me by me Queen, and light blue ones orgasms I've had under the supervision of my Queen, but that have felt too good to me to be called ruined anymore.

There are also a few dates I have marked with black outline and that have a specific meaning.

The 16th of March is naturally the day I told to my Queen about the whole project, and my fascination in being kept denied. November the 1st marks the day two years had passed since the day I last had the chance to masturbate and cum by my own free will. 

22nd of April is the day we started keeping track with my Queen of her orgasms. In that time between that date and end of the year my Queen managed to have all in all 123 orgasms. A difference of 115 orgasms between her and mine is not a bad one, wouldn't you say? 

One of the things that has pleased me a great deal during the past year, and to which I may have not given enough credit for, is also the fact that my Queen has been equally excited of my statistics as I have.

As you can see from the chart, no, my it doesn't look nearly as clean and neat as the one from year ago looked like. The year 2014 was completely red for me, with no close calls, or ejaculations of any kind, ruined or otherwise. However, in 2014 I was all alone with my project.

The times I'm most disappointed of and regret the most are naturally the two unpleasurable edging accidents in March and July. Especially considering the first one took place only three days before reaching 500 days. It is still hard to understand my body could be betray me like that.

Also the times marked with light blue are the ones, in August an November, are the ones I wish hadn't happened. Both of them took place in the presence of my Queen, as well as with her permission, and they were supposed to be ruined ones as well.

However, even though I did take my hand away well in advance we both agreed they looked and felt too much like "real" orgasms. It felt just like the ones I used to have on my own. Quick, efficient, pleasurable and selfish. "You are way too good at masturbating yourself", my Queen commented, and I quite agree.

In fact, when I look back, the biggest thrill I get thinking about the orgasms I have had with my Queen that were totally ruined, and gave me only a little physical pleasure. The fact that I had to work for them, and they were done by my Queen's sweet hands, make them all so much precious to me.

I don't have the habit of making resolutions, but if I did, one one of them would be that in 2016 all my orgasms would be perfectly ruined ones. And that there would be as few of them as possible.

At the time of my Queen's visit in December it had been mere 25 days since I last ejaculated. Therefore we didn't even consider the possibility of  making me cum, as a Christmas present for example. It also excited us both to know that by the time we would see each other the next time, long after the end of the holiday season, the count would be closing 50.

Truth to tell,  it's been a way too long time since I've been without cumming over 50 days and I hope I would be allowed to be denied for at least 70 days, or more. I had expressed my very strong desire about it even before my Queen's visit, but the most I had gotten from her was that we would have get to 50 days first.

However, just a mere few days ago we came up with a new plan to make the following months more exciting. 

At the time I was chatting online with my Queen, and during it she informed me about her latest orgasm, which I have asked her to do. At that point I noticed that the number of her orgasms after my last ejaculation exceeded the most recent record. 

I told her the next step would be 32 orgasms. My Queen was a bit hesitant first, and asked was I really suggesting that I wouldn't be allowed to cum before she reached that number? 

After all, the 32 orgasm record was made in the summer, at a time when we had quite a busy sex life. Due to our personal lives, as well other things I won't go into here, reaching the 14 orgasms in the fall had taken her almost the same time.

If we put our goal there, my Queen said, the next time I could cum would be very, very far in the future indeed. After I had assured her that was exactly what I wanted, she gave in. It is now agreed she will have to reach that number before she even considers making me cum. 

Naturally we both agreed there would be no pressure for her. She will continue masturbating at her own leisure, when she feels like it, not a bit more often than that. I do feel this is a win-win situation, though. It is now in my best interests to encourage and help my Queen to orgasm as much as possible.

It is nice to know you have good things waiting for you in the future, wouldn't you say?

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