Wednesday, December 9, 2015


"This is the night, it's a beautiful night..."

It seems that lately every other blog post of mine has started the same way. This one is no exception. I got to spend another weekend with my Queen. It was doubly exciting for us, since it also marked the one-year anniversary of our relationship. 

For both of us going to see a certain movie together a year ago marks the starting point of our relationship, even though at the time neither of us was sure whether it was actually a date. Despite the fact we most likely couldn't have been more nervous, even we had call it a date.

To celebrate the day we dined in an authentic Italian style restaurant that's so popular one needs to have a table reservation there. It may sound common practice to some of you, but that's way beyond fancy for me. It wasn't exactly out of "Lady and the Tramp" but not far off either. 

Like all faithful readers of my blog know, last weekend with her turned out rather steamy. Considering all this, it's no wonder I had all sort of romantic conceptions in my mind about the upcoming weekend. As far as the sex goes I sort of expected we would have simply continued where we left off. Unfortunately that was not the case, not at first at least. 

The thing is, after the previous weekend my Queen had experienced some pain in her nether regions, as well as other symptoms, despite the fact I had tried to be as gentle with her as possible. Whatever the reason for the symptoms was, my Queen was understandably not in the mood for any hanky panky on Saturday.

Well, actually that's not entirely the case. At least if you count wearing your girlfriend's underwear as hanky panky. I will explain.

Some days earlier we had chatted online and I had mentioned her the underwear she had left at my place for me to wash. One thing led to another and I ended up trying them on as we chatted. My Queen was rather surprised to hear they fit me. 

Naturally, my Queen said, she would be interested to witness it first hand as well. She also mentioned she has several pairs of panties she bought some time ago, but soon realized she doesn't like very much. She could perhaps donate some of them to me to wear. 

So, after we had arrived at her place on Saturday my Queen said she had a present for me. It was a small gift-wrapped package that contained a pair of red briefs she had bought for me, thinking my ass would look nice in them, as well as a pair of black women's panties she had mentioned earlier.

I was ordered to model both of them for her. The red briefs felt nice, and I hope they looked nice as well, as I presented my ass for her. According to her at least they did, and she told I am to use them in the future when we hang out together.

The black pair fit me quite nicely as well. My Queen seemed a bit astonished, and said they look completely natural, almost as if they were made for me. Aside for my testicle peeking a bit, my package fit quite nicely in them. Sometimes it pays off to have such a small penis, I suppose?

On Sunday we both attended the Independence Day party. The celebration over here differs quite a lot from the way they do it in USA for example, but I doubt anyone is interested hearing about it. In any case, nothing sexy took place on Sunday. Well, aside from me going totally nuts after seeing her in a very, very flattering dress, that is.     

On Monday we slept late, and cuddled in the bed for ages. At that point my Queen hinted she could be persuaded into fooling around, if only I took the initiative, and "did things to her". 

Like you all know by now, we're both switches, me and her. We have both our kinks, and since we love each other very much we try our very best to keep each other happy. My Queen gets off on being restrained, and lately she has hinted she would like to experience being hogtied sometimes. Since I want nothing else than her to be happy, I decided to give her what she wanted.

Considering all the things that could have gone wrong our first attempt in me putting her into a hogtie was quite a success. First I disrobed her, which seems to turn her on quite a lot, and then I put cuffs on her hands and a blindfold on her eyes as well. 

The last one was in fact an idea I had in a spur of a moment, but it turned out to be a very good one. Originally I only wanted to postpone her figuring out what I was about to do as long as possible, but it also made the whole experience more scary for her. Scary in a good way that is.

After I had gotten out another pair of cuffs I ordered her on her tummy and put them on her ankles, and then attached the two pairs of cuffs together with a silk ribbon my Queen has for bondage purposes.

Afterwards my Queen said she had had to fight off a small scale panic. Realizing something you have fantasized for a long time is actually taking place can be a scary thought, after all. It was quite an experience for me as well, since it was the first time I had done it to another person.

Considering all that I was actually rather proud of my handiwork. My Queen was a night tight package who had no chance whatsoever to get away, completely at my mercy, ready to be used. All things I know make her incredibly wet. 

An hour later we both lay exhausted on the bed. My Queen had just an orgasm I hope was something she had hoped it to be. As she lay on my arms she seemed very content, at least.

One piece of criticism she gave me afterwards was that I could have talked more. Like all of you know, the weekend before had been so steamy partly because I had found the right things to say to her as I masturbated her. This time there was so much new elements involved my attention was elsewhere and there was much less talking. 

There's always room for improvement, however, and I must remember to pay attention to verbal stimulation in the future as well. Or, as my Queen put it, what was already amazing, could have been even more amazing that way.

Originally the plan was me to be off after we had our breakfast, since we both had a lot to do that day. I had even dressed up and was ready to leave, and merely sat on the bed with my Queen to have a quick goodbye. Well, things let to another and before long we knew it, we all over each other again. 

I believe that in some weird way the thing that turned us both on was knowing we really wouldn't have time for it. What's also interesting that most of the time was spent now in foreplay, a very spontaneous foreplay at that. There was no plan, no direct goal we both aimed at. It was merely playful fooling around.

One proof of that is the way we ended up playing with medical tape. Like you all know, I have lately ended up having fun with it, by putting it around my limp penis before I go to sleep and hoping to have a painful wake-up call as my penis tries to get hard while tape wrapped around it. 

At my request my Queen agreed witnessing how the taping is done, so that she would know how to do it in herself some day. After I had taped my limp penis into a tight little package I suggested, completely in the spur of the moment, what if we tried it on her nipples as well?

I expected her to decline, like any normal, sane woman would do. Her reaction, however, wasn't anything like it. She merely smiled, looked at me and said: "Well, let's try it." At that moment I remembered once again why I love her so much.

First I had to make her nipples erect, and I then taped them up, forcing the nipples to stay that way. As the end result they looked like buttonson a chest of a female robot in a very low-budget sci-fi film.

The whole procedure resembled putting clothespins on one's body, or taping one's penis. It's exciting to put it on but having it on doesn't feel at all. And just like with clothespins, the most fun part was taking the tape off, after I had fun with her nipples sufficiently. 

After having the tape around my own penis several times I knee the effect it has. The tape sensitizes skin and I could only imagine what it must have felt as I started licking them lovingly after I had it off. The experience must have been quite sensual for her, at least according her moaning.

The climax of our little session was also very unplanned, but a lot of fun. At some point I had somehow ended up lying on top of her, a sensation she also likes very much. As I was lying there, knowing she was turned on and wet, I suggested her something I had fantasized for years. 

My fantasy? Woman using my limp penis to masturbate herself to a climax, but leaving me without an orgasm.

At that point my Queen was already quite turned on, and it took very little persuasion for her to grant my wish. Seeing her masturbate herself was also one of the things I had wanted to see for a long time, but she had been reluctant to give me a show.

What followed must have been one of the most intense sexual experiences of our entire relationship. Seeing her under me, using the head of my soft penis to stimulate her clitoris, getting nearer and nearer to orgasm was simply divine. She looked so beautiful, and I kept saying her so, over and over. The feeling was mutual, it seems, since she kept saying the same.

As she approached the orgasm she started moving the head of my penis faster and fasted on her slick pussy lips. It felt great and I became very aroused, but this was all about her orgasm, not mine.

Somewhere near the end she even took my penis in such a hold I could actually "fuck" her hands and the outer parts of her pussy with my taped up, limp penis. Afterwards I told her if she had lubrication on her hands I could have easily ejaculated on her. It was, my Queen said, "Almost like fucking" and I quite agree. 

Afterwards, as we lay next to each other once again, I realized my testicles hadn't been so alive in ages, so full of juices that flowed and swirled freely, and wanted so desperately to get out. I described these sensations to my Queen, which made her chuckle.

It also amused her somewhat, when I told her that when I was on top on her, and considered begging a permission to cum while making love to her hands, the one thing that kept me from doing it, was the question how it would look on my blog. 

After all, I explained her, it would be much more dramatic and would make much more sense in terms of narrative, if I didn't cum, even though my Queen had, masturbating herself with my limp dick. That I had responsibilities to my readers. 

I explained her my body wanted to orgasm, but my mind wanted me to stay chaste. It good thing then, she said, that my mind is in control, not my body, and that I have the will-power to stay chaste.

As we lay there, however, I couldn't help but humping her side a bit. I got nice and horny, and very close to the edge, in fact. When this took place I was actually half asleep. It had been a long and strenuous day, after all. Fortunately I managed to drag myself out of it just in time.

As I told my Queen what had just happened, she complemented me and said it was a good thing I was so obedient. After all, it had only been pathetic two weeks since my last ejaculation, and she had no intention of granting me an orgasm this soon, even a ruined one. 

I quite agreed it was for the best. Thinking about how my Queen wouldn't have given me a permission to ejaculate, even if I had begged, turned me on at that moment so much more than the idea of being allowed to do it. It still does, as I write this and feel my testicles so alive in my pants. 

All in all, the weekend or the Monday in question wasn't exactly the most sane example of spending one's time when there would have more pressing errands to do. But quite frankly, I don't feel one bit of remorse.

I also may have think of a new and exciting way to combine my desire to ejaculate, teasing and sexual frustration during the weekend. I won't go into detail yet, but rest assured, I will tell you all about it when and if my little idea comes into fruition.

PS. Speaking of testicles being alive, there doesn't seem to be much change in that respect. At lest considering that writing and posting this blog post has made me so horny I almost ended up ejaculating in my pants just a few minutes ago, simply by rocking my legs rhythmically in my office chair. Oh dear me.  

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