Thursday, December 3, 2015


This is the latter part of the update that covers what has happened during the last week or so. Like I hinted in the previous post, I got to spend another weekend with my Queen. What resulted was perhaps one of the steamiest weekends we've had so far. At least when in comes to pleasuring her.

Even before my Queen arrived to my place, I had decided that because she gave such a wild ride to me and to my penis the weekend before, this visit would have to be about her. Serving her, pleasuring her and being extra nice to her. Especially since pleasuring her sexually had been impossible due to Mother Nature a week before.

We woke up Saturday morning rather late. The lazy cuddling we both love led to more intense foreplay and soon I realized it was time to get into business. Namely, putting my tongue to work. We have practiced cunnilingus several times now, but we're still searching for the best position for it, ergonomically speaking. 

Sometimes my Queen has even said that me giving her cunnilingus has felt like she had been left all alone, while I was doing work on her nether regions. This time, instead of approaching her below, I started licking her sideways, still hugging her hips. This gave us chance to hold hands, even though I was going down on her. 

A bit by bit I moved into better position and finally I ended up into something that was more or less sixty-nine. My Queen commented that it had been "quite pornographic". What can I say? It seems there's reason some positions are classics? Among other things the position gave me an opportunity to give her long strokes with my tongue, and to better focus on her pussy in general.  

The sixty-nine also made me realize I could pin her hands between my knees and her own body while I was licking her pussy. The whole thing was accidental, but it turned out she liked it a lot, since being restrained is a huge turn-on for her.   

She ended up having something that looked like a good orgasm and I ended up having an incredibly sore tongue, as well as serious pain on the chest muscles I felt even the following day. Still, I'm not complaining. Her pleasure is so much more important than my discomfort. 

Afterwards she told me that even though she masturbates regularly when she's on her own, she's lazy in a way that she usually stops after the first small orgasm. With me, she says, it's much more than that, because I just keep going and help her to achieve the big one. Naturally I was very pleased to hear that.  

But the best was yet to come. On Sunday there was a thing we both had to attend, so we knew if we wanted to fool around on Sunday we'd have to be quick about it. I know this doesn't sound very romantic, but considering the circumstances, it was a morning well spent. 

My Queen had hinted the previous day she would like for me sometimes to use handcuffs on her while I masturbated her. As I've mentioned, we're both switches, and she has her submissive side as well. And, like I said previously, she especially likes being restrained.

Therefore, after some foreplay and me disrobing her, which I also know she likes, I got up without saying anything, took out my girly pink and shiny handcuffs, put them on her and then attached her hands to the end of the bed. She looked at me, smiling and looking very happy, as I continued caressing, kissing and teasing her.

I know she had said being handcuffed turns her on, but it seems I hadn't understand in what degree. The thing is, when I finally slid my hand on her pussy I couldn't believe how incredibly wet she was! I commented this on her, and she didn't seem to know whether she should be ashamed or proud of herself.

Trying to learn from yesterday's experience, I took a position next to her that was as functional as possible, and started masturbating her. This time I focused only on the things I know she likes. I rolled my fingers gently around her incredibly wet and slick clitoris while at the same time looking her in the eyes, kissing her occasionally, or licking her breast. She seemed to enjoy what I did. A lot.

Talking dirty in the bed, as they say, has never been easy with us. I'm unsure what to say to get her in the right mood, or rather I'm afraid I go too far and end up hurting her feelings, and she sometimes seems to be equally at lost what to say or to do. We both try our very best to fake it, nonetheless.

At that morning, however, everything seemed to fall in the right place somehow. I found exactly the right words, or rather the right angle, based on the things I know she likes or fantasizes about, and allowed myself to thrust into the situation. Very clearly My Queen enjoyed it immensely, and the more she did, the more courageous I got, turning her on even more. 

Soon I was rewarded with yet another glorious orgasm of hers. As she was catching her breath, I leaned over, caressed her forehead, kissed her parched, cold lips and thanked her, which always brings a smile on her face.  

Originally our plan was not to spend the rest of the Sunday together, but things led to another once again, and we found ourselves in the same bed on Sunday as well, this time at her place. After talking for hours and me giving her the back rub she very clearly wanted, we went to bed, even though we weren't that sleepy.

I placed myself behind her and cupped her breast in my hand like I often do, and started playing with her nipples gently. I heard her stating to moan, and as I continued, I was genuinely surprised, since her twitching and whimpering resembled so much my own behavior, when she teases me.   

"Hey, what's happening here?" I asked her.

"It seems you managed to wake up something", she said, curled up in my arms.

I continued teasing her nipples for a while, which seemed to be driving her crazy. However, understanding she was most likely dripping wet in her pajama pants, horny as hell, I decided not to linger, and proceeded.

The procedure went more or less the same way it had went the morning, the only exception being that this time I didn't stop to get handcuffs she owns as well, and merely ordered her to keep her hands above her head.  

This time my dirty talk seemed to work, if possible, even better than in the morning. One reason may be that encouraged by the previous instance, I allowed myself to get even deeper into her fantasies. Afterwards my Queen said she doesn't even remember what I said, only that at the moment she thought it was incredibly hot. 

All in all I made her orgasm twice during that session. As she reached the climax the second time she was howling out loud, and let out something that sounded almost like a growl of a wild animal. I mentioned this to her afterwards, and she looked embarrassed, and said she had no recollection of it whatsoever. 

This is understandable, since she described afterwards the orgasm, believe it or not, as the biggest sexual experience of her life. According to her time had lost meaning and it had felt the orgasm had lasted an half an hour, even though it hadn't take more than thirty seconds.

We discussed it afterwards, and it's somewhat interesting that even though the first orgasm I licked her on Saturday was a good and big one, it got dwarfed by the rest. At least according to my Queen it was in fact smallest of them all. The last, she said, was the kind she has always imagined them to be, according to internet. 

It is difficult to write this all down and not sound as if I'm bragging. I assure you this is not my intention. This is what took place and I merely want to write it all down. I'm not sure even myself what made the past weekend so successful, in terms of being able to please my Queen sexually. 

Three fingers and a little imagination  can do wonders sometimes, it seems.

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  1. Good sub knows how to pleasure his queen, even though the queen gets pleasure from submitting. :) -G