Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Originally my plan was to make this and the previous blog post one in which I would cover all that has happened to me recently. There simply seemed to be too little to tell in two separate posts. Despite my intentions it all ended up so long I am now making two posts. 

The following took place a little less than a week after the incidents described in the previous post, this Monday to be exact. I ended up spending the night at her place, even though it wasn't at all planned. However, it seemed my Queen wanted me to stay, since she would be traveling that week for a few days and we wouldn't have a chance to see each other until the end of the week.

It also seemed a perfect opportunity for some hanky panky. Mother nature, who has had the tendency to thwart our plans so many times, was away and even my Queen seemed to be in the mood. I'm sad to inform that in that sense the visit was a failure. There was couple of potential instances, but on both occasions there were things that prevented something from clicking. 

Aside from the lack of making my Queen to orgasm, however, the visit was a very pleasant one. I will explain. 

What happened was very unplanned, and all in all a curious series of events. We both showered before going to bed, which is something we don't do on regular basis. While I was in the shower I got shampoo in my eye making it so irritated I had to keep my eyes closed. I went to bed wearing nothing but my Queen's bathrobe and keeping my eyes shut. After a while I felt my Queen joining me.

It's somewhat hard to remember afterwards the exact order of the events, but at some point my Queen ended up opening my bathrobe a bit and started to examine my flaccid penis. 

Like I've told you, my Queen doesn't have a habit of doing that very often, so it felt quite a treat. I even asked her about it at one point, is she sure this isn't unpleasant for her? She assured me it wasn't. "This isn't anything I feel I'm pressured into doing", she said. 

She kept saying how velvety and soft the skin on my penis felt, as she caressed it tenderly with her fingertips. This all was very pleasant to hear and I felt my penis starting to react, which it rarely does. I was very pleasantly surprised, to say the least, and I almost couldn't believe it.

In retrospection I think the thing that made it stir was the fact I knew my Queen did all of this willingly. That she felt comfortable doing it. That she actually wanted to caress my soft little penis. Things like that seem to matter a great deal to the part of my brain responsible of my sexuality. 

A thing that also made all even more erotic was the fact that I still kept my eyes closed. The lack of vision meant I couldn't see anything, not even check whether I had a proper erection or not. There was only her fingers and my penis, her voice and mine, and the sensations it all created, with me in the complete darkness. 

I'm aware my Queen didn't exactly know what to do most of the time, but I think her hesitancy and the tentativeness feel made the whole thing even more erotic. The fact that she tried meant she must love me, I thought. She kept caressing and teasing me and I felt my member starting to swell more and more. I don't think I had a good, solid erection at any point, but what I experienced felt great.

There was a lot of verbal teasing going back and forth between us as well, but the details escape me. I was so relaxed, aroused and half asleep, all in the same time, that it all felt like a dream. I also got so aroused it was hard for me form coherent sentences time to time, something that always seem to amuse my Queen.

What we talked about, however, was about the fact cumming was not allowed for me, how she wanted me, her boyfriend, to stay chaste and pure. How all men who orgasmed and ejaculated were disgusting and yucky, and that she didn't want to date someone like that. 

Women who orgasm are another thing entirely. Women should orgasm freely, whenever they feel like it, especially her, my Queen. It was their basic right. It was only natural. But no, she said when I tried to object, it was not natural for men. They should have no such right. Especially me. Because she didn't like the idea of me cumming. 

As you can believe from what I've written, I was insane with lust at that point. As I am now as I'm writing this, truth to tell, and returning to those moments in my mind. 

It was a really intense experience, all in all. There were times I started to approach the threshold, so to speak, and those moments were the hardest. On those moments I felt my resolution starting to crumble. I started to think how it would be like to cum, to be allowed to cum, and how great it would feel.

There was even one time, when my Queen started to apply on me something that could be called "a wiggling technique". At that moment I almost begged her to stop. Part of me was afraid I would get too close and end up cumming, part of me was afraid that if I got too close I wouldn't care, that my body would take control, and I would let the accident happen, and not warn my Queen in advance. 

All in what I felt was not only physical, but also mental anguish. I felt as if my mind was tearing itself apart, fighting with itself, torn between the sudden desire to cum, and to get all that vile and nasty sperm out of my testicles, and the desire to stay chaste and pure for my Queen.

Fortunately we never got too close and no accidents took place. I think at one point I tried to convey some of this to my Queen, but I'm not whether I managed, in my only semi-coherent state. However, I do remember my Queen clearly stating very clearly that no, she did not want me to cum.

Finally I opened my eyes and looked at her. I blinked, feeling disoriented and looked around me. The whole thing couldn't have lasted more than a few minutes, no more than five at least, I think, but it felt as if I had just emerged from somewhere very deep.

My Queen smiled and said that I looked as I had just orgasmed. I sighed deeply, closed my eyes and nodded. It wasn't the post orgasmic sensation men are used to feel, but in some weird way it was something even better.

When I got back the ability to speak I thanked my Queen, and told her that this was what I wanted, sexually speaking, exactly this. Nothing more. And by giving it to me she had made me very, very happy. 

"Well, I'm glad to hear it", my Queen said, even though I have a feeling she didn't quite grasp how serious I was at that point, how wonderful and satisfying it had felt. How important and meaningful it had been for me.       

In the morning we lay a long time in bed, and talked about a lot of things, two of which are worth mention, in erotic sense. 

I am not completely sure how we ended up talking about it, but at some point we were discussing about tail butt plugs, and whether I would look good in one, and what color it should be. She seemed to be very interested about the idea, which surprised me a bit. I said I had gotten the idea she's not into that kind of erotic play, or about the idea of putting anything there.

"Oh, I'm not", she said. "As long as it's me in question. But your butt is another thing entirely." Then she smiled and looked at me eyes gleaming, and I felt as is my heart was beginning to melt.

Now I'm going through online adult toy stores and looking for an affordable model. Oh dear.

The other thing I want to mention takes us into the world of crossdressing. Hold on to your seats. 

At this point we were already in the process getting up, and starting to look for our clothes we had tossed by the bed. In the spur of the moment I picked up my Queen's bra and started playing with it, and finally actually starting to put it on, a thing I remembered never doing before.

"You want me to hook them on for you?" my Queen asked and I said yes. I felt them tighten up as she stretched the straps in order to be able to hook the bra. It was clear I had much wider shoulders than she had. When it was on I was amazed, however, how good they felt on me.

My Queen is big, as they say, and the bras she uses are the kind that actually support the breast, not only cover it. In other words, even though the cups of the bra were now hollow on my chest, they created a form that looked like an actual breast.

My Queen seemed to share this sentiment. As I modeled them a bit for my her she said it was amazing how natural they looked. "You almost look like a sporty lesbian girl", she said. "With your short hair and all."

For some reason I was very eager to look myself in the mirror, which is odd, since it had taken me some doing to be able to do it with makeup on. I looked myself in the mirror and got my Queen to giggle as I said, amazed: "Damn, I look hot!" The most curious thing is I was dead serious.

I seemed so enthusiastic about the bra she mentioned she had another pair she had planned to throw away, since they didn't seem to fit her after all. She told me where to get them, and then helped them on to me. 

I modeled in them for her a bit and noticed they didn't fit me as well as the previous pair had either. However, my Queen told me I could have them if I wanted, because she had been serious about throwing them away.

In other words I am now a happy owner of a 85 D cup bra. 

All in all, not a bad surprise visit, wouldn't you say?

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