Saturday, November 26, 2016


Recently there was question in a Facebook BDSM group asking how many members are into self-torture and if so, what kind. I replied and mentioned that bladder torture was one of my favorites. A fellow member got interested and asked how do I do it, and what do I use? Being the polite person I am, I gave him a detailed reply. In order for the reply not to gets lost, I decided to post it here, as well.

What do I use? Well, simply put, water. Pints and pints of it, slowly descending in my belly while I masturbate myself at the same time. The more discomforting it gets, the more horny I become, and the more horny become, the more water I drink to be hurt more.

Sometimes I've done it all alone, with a pint after pint of ice water next to me, occasionally pressing my lower abdomen and feeling it getting more and more full and hard. The feeling it creates is different from any kind of pain, since it engulfs my whole groin area, as well as radiates outwards from there. Masturbation feels so much better that way.

Naturally it's even better when there's a sadistic woman present on chat for example, deciding how much and when I have drink the water, and deciding when I can go to relieve myself, or whether I can cum or not. In a way it's most fun when the woman in question is a bit unsure what to do, and ends up giving orders that are very hard for you to carry out!

Once or twice I've had the pleasure of a woman actually being present during this sort of water session. It feels so great being able to empty a whole pint of ice water in one go in front her eyes, as she watches you in disbelief...

My favourite part is naturally when she sits on top of me in a cowgirl position, preferably with me having to beg for her for it first. It's amazing what woman can do just by shifting her weight back and forth in a situation like that. It also helps if the woman in question has, as they say, meat on her bones.

The girlfriend I had the pleasure doing this with a couple of times was a big girl, and I simply loved to feel her getting on top of me with her full weight, and then starting to grind my full bladder. When this took place I just lay back, smiled, held my hands on her wide hips and told how much I loved her.

Afterwards, either after I have ejaculated or merely edged myself so long I can't stand it anymore, or I have been given a permission to, I start letting the pee out. It usually takes several hours, as the water in abdomen enters the bladder filling it again and again.

If I have cummed, the feeling immediately afterwards is simply awful, because at that point nothing comes through the swollen penis, no matter how hard I try. This means I have to wait 10 to 20 minutes in order to properly urinate. What was erotic before ejaculation, is now just pure pain. :-D

After I have gotten all the pee out, it often happens I still have the urge to urinate, even though there's nothing left anymore. At that point I can only lie on the bed curled to a ball, twitching. If I've only edged, at this point I'm horny as hell, but powerless to do anything anymore. Also, it feels almost as if by bladder had been beaten up.

I don't do this very often, since I have to be properly horny before I start (also, half filled bladder and a slight urge to urinate helps) and it's also quite a strain for the body.

But then again, it does feel so divine...

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