Sunday, December 11, 2016


Welcome to "My Boy Pussy Project", part eight. Like I said at the end of the previous part, after my three ejaculations long cum spree it seems my libido had ran out of juice. For a couple of days I felt very unsexy and didn't even train my anus that much.
This morning however, I woke up with a big, nice erection and was immediately horny beyond belief. I must have spent an hour in the bed teasing and edging myself, half asleep, half in my fantasies.

Among other things imagined what it would be like to have a woman in my life doing all the things I have done to myself lately. She would start by making me put the tiny metal plug, since I had bragged I could get in dry. After I had gotten it in she would giggle as she would see how only a tiny bit was visible through the cheeks.

She would then order me to bend for her, and putting on rubber gloves she would start training my asshole with the plug the way I had told her I use to do. As soon as she thought my hole was relaxed enough she would tell me to go on all fours and arch my back. She would then lube up my eager asshole, and then the big vibrator, and proceed to put in inside me.

She would put it on and slowly but firmly she would fuck me with it. All the while I’d have to keep thanking her, and telling her how good it felt. Finally she would take it out and without even saying a word lube the inflatable rubber one. Firmly and slowly, and showing my asshole no mercy she would push the huge thing in. At this point I would most likely have my eyes shut, since it would feel so good.

I would hear her taking the rubber glove off and telling me to wipe myself clean, take a towel and follow her. In my study she would order me to lay out the towel on my office chair, and then sit on it. I would do as he tells me to, and gasp out loud. At this point I could ejaculate from a slightest touch.

However, to prevent any “accidents" she would shackle my hands behind my back, gag me, and even tie my feet to the legs of the chair so I would be unable to close my legs. For a moment she would disappear from the room, only to return some time later totally naked and carrying a chair. She would put it in front of me, sit on it, and with a broad smile on her face, start masturbating herself.

I couldn’t help but to whimper as I see her, only a meter from me, but totally unable to nothing but watch and suffer. Occasionally she would take a glimpse of my small, flaccid penis and smile wickedly at me, knowing very well how horny and frustrated I am, and taking great pleasure of my torment.

At this point I realized I needed to get out of the bed, and fast.
However, even though I did just that, I realized soon this would be a day I would mostly spend in front of my computer edging, which is exactly what I did end up doing, more or less. I had, however, errands to run in downtown. So, what a better way to combine my horniness to it than to do it plugged?
I took my red diamond plug, and inserted it into my asshole. I was very pleased it went in very effortlessly and even without any lube. I just put it in the opening, started pushing, disregarded the slight inconvenience and kept pushing until I felt it slide in.
I got dressed quickly, and was a bit surprised how natural this all suddenly felt. Here I was, a plug inside my asshole, dressing up to go to the centre of the city. As I was out I knew the biggest question was whether I have the nerve to get on my bike?
The thing was, I was a bit scared the saddle would somehow push the plug all the way inside my asshole, resulting to a trip to a local ER. I got on, and only after I had rode a while I gingerly let my weight descend on the saddle.
I was surprised how much it hurt. As long as there was only the plug, there was only presence, but as soon as the weight descended upon it, it became painful. I didn't mind the sensations, or the discomfort, or even pain, of course, but I was worried I would return home with the plug completely inside me.
I ran my errands with the pain in my asshole getting all the time stronger. But it was a pain I could deal with. It meant the object was at my anus, not inside of it. I could neither make up which one I liked best, walking or driving, since they both had their fascination.
When I walked the bike beside me I could feel the plug move a bit with every step between my sweaty butt cheeks and asshole. It was a very comfortable feeling, a presence that was with you constantly.
When I was on the bike, on the other hand, there wasn't anything similar. However, all my weight was on now my asshole with the steel plug in it, making the metal bite into the tender skin around the anus. Every time there was a bump on the road I could feel it in my ass.
I discussed this a bit with a virtual friend of mine, and she suggested I should get myself a silicone one for riding a bike and night time wear. In fact I could have gotten myself one today, since one of the stops on my trip was a porn shop, but I was there on another business.
The thing is, I have been for some days now considered buying myself a prostate stimulator. Considering how my libido reacts to objects or pressure inside my colon, that would be the next logical step. I compared models and their prices in the shop and almost bought myself a cheap model.
Finally, however, I decided not to give into the haste and my own horniness, and came home to order a bit better model online. Due to weekend it won't arrive until the beginning of the next week, though.

As soon as I got home and started edging again, well as to write the report you have just been reading, as well the part before it. I usually edge while writing them, which I hope shows in them. By the time I got them written I was on the verge of cumming, and my asshole was aching to get something in, as well.
Since inserting the metal plug had been so easy I decided to experiment and have a bit fun this time. I took out the big inflatable one first and begin to insert it with any prior warm-up, although with lots of lube. I was astonished to notice how far it went, even though not quite all the way.
I continued with the big cock shaped vibrator, lubed it up good and started to insert it. This time I think taking it in was easier than it had ever been. In no time the huge, twenty centimeter long thing was deep inside my ass.
This time there even wasn't much of discomfort, and neither did I have difficulties thinking straight. I turned it on and started to fuck myself with it. After a while this begun to bore me and I hobbled to my bed, put a towel on it and laid down.
I spread my legs and checked whether the vibrator was still in place. For part of me it was still hard to believe how well my asshole had become adapted to it. However, when my fingers slick from the lube met the end, only the end of it was sticking out between my butt cheeks. There it was, with no intention of coming out.
Followed a similar procedure than the one had took place during couple of nights, the only difference being there wasn't a tiny steel plug in my ass this time. I twisted it into all imaginable directions and finally started rotating it, while keeping the power on maximum.
After a while I closed my legs, wiped my hand a bit and just lay there. It was a curious feeling. There I was, laying on the bed, with the huge virbrator buried deep in me, with the power still turned on to the maximum setting.
I lay there for quite a while, examining the sensation the vibrator caused. I admit I wouldn't have minded if the vibrator had made me cum, but nothing like the sort happened. I could feel the faint buzz inside me, but I couldn't find in my the slightest arousal caused by the vibration.
Finally I decided it was time for the main attraction. I got up, removed the vibrator, lubed the inflatable plug again and started inserting it. I was simply overjoyed as it went in effortlessly. I hadn't caused any pain or discomfort, nor did it so now as I stood up.
I smiled at my reflection, feeling very pleased at myself. Sure, my heart was racing like crazy, the way it did when I had something as big inside me, and there was lube dripping from my ass, but the huge thing in me didn't feel as if it was something that didn't belong there. I felt only good, and natural.
I hobbled to my bed again and laid down. I admit at this point I had the intention of having the same kind of practice session than with the big dildo. It seems the more my asshole becomes adjusted to foreign objects, the more rational my mind becomes, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to finally test the inflating feature.
However, after a mere three or four squeezes the thing felt so huge inside me it was hard for me to think straight. Also, I knew if I planned to get anything done the next day I needed to ejaculate tonight. Therefore I grabbed my limp clit and while at the same time expanding the plug in my ass even more masturbated myself to a sissy orgasm in a matter if fifteen seconds.
Afterwards, I admit, I felt a bit disappointed at myself. I had wanted to fight the urge to cum a bit more, and the orgasm to have a bit more grace. I yanked the plug out of my ass, which didn't hurt as much as it had the previous time, which is a good thing, of course.
I had just given myself the most thorough ass ramming of my entire life, though. Therefore it was understandable the sensations I felt inside me the rest of the night were interesting to say the least. There wasn't pain, or even actual discomfort, merely... well, things happening.
At the moment it seems the time span before I become insatiably horny is about 48 hours. The thing is, this time as well, the next day went smoothly, but today I have been horny again, and it's practically impossible to keep myself from edging continuously. Then again, there are worse ways to spend your Sunday, I suppose?

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