Thursday, December 1, 2016


I think this report could be more truthfully called “part 2b” as well, since the day continued after I got the previous part written. The thing is, after I finally had the heart to yank the plug out of my ass I could feel my asshole gaping and not wanting to stop playing yet.

Well, as I was in front of the washbasin my eye caught the hand held shower head beside the toilet seat. I had often wished it was the kind you could screw the shower head off. and use it to give yourself enemas, the kind I had a few apartments back.

I took it in my hand, and lo and behold, I realized it came off, after all. At that point I was so horny from all the edging and playing with my asshole it didn't take me more than a minute to slid the hose to my anus and turn the water on.

I admit it this wasn't the smartest thing to do, and that I did get carried off. Some of the water came out occasionally, but a lot of it stayed in, especially after I realized that if I stood up and clench the ass cheeks shut, none of the water got out. I did that perhaps a bit too long, but it felt so good, and twisted.

When I finally started to let the water out and empty my colon I started to have regrets. The flow of liquid seemed endless, I was covered in cold sweat and I started to feel nauseous. Don't do this at home, kids.

After an half an hour or so, and a numerous trips to the toilet later, I started to feel a bit better and decided I could continue. Followed what must be familiar to a lot of people who have been adventurous enough to explore their another love hole. I rummaged through my toolbox and tried to look for anything I could put into my anus, and did so, as well.

The best result I got by using a nice monkey wrench set I had bought a couple of years back, but never used that much. Each of them has a nice, round plastic handle and it was such fun to go from the smallest to the biggest, and to to see whether I could get it in, and fuck myself into the asshole with each one.

I didn't quite get the biggest one in, but when I finally rammed in a handle of a screwdriver I thought was pretty heavy duty, and looked at it after I had took it out I was amazed. This was inside me? I was so proud of myself.

Pretty soon afterwards I had to get going, because I had places to be that night. However, as soon as I had gotten home I got rid of my clothes and started playing again.

A really nice, helpful and open minded virtual acquaintance of mine was online and I discussed with her in length about anal training and sexuality in general, while at the same time keeping a plug in,  and edging myself. She seemed to think it was very hot.

With her help I even fulfilled my fantasy I mentioned earlier, that is going to run some errands with a nasty butt plug inside my ass. The nearby grocery store was at that point closed already, but a gas station next to it wasn't. I needed to get some groceries, so what did it matter whether I had a steel butt plug in my ass or not?

It was very weird, even more weird than running errands downtown in a chastity cage. As I stepped out of the door, I felt as if I had done it naked. Almost like was taking something intimate outside. 

As I walked towards the gas station in the middle of the night I wondered why isn't my brain broadcasting a telepathic message everywhere: "PERVERT! PLUG IN ASS! WATCH EVERYBODY", since the sensation was so intense, almost violent. Every time took a step I felt something in a place of me that shouldn't have sensations.

After I came back I got rid of all of my clothes and started to edge with my friend again. I also told her about my wanking off mirror. I have a small apartment so I have mirrors here and there. One of them is on the bathroom door. If I put the door open just the right amount I can see myself on the computer.

I have the habit of occasionally watch myself in the mirror as I edge. I've always had body image issues and seeing myself nude or wanking off is very humiliating. Then again, I do like humiliation. However, I need to be very, very horny to use my mirror that way.

By the end of the night we had even progressed to clothespins. After my suggestion she made me put some of them on my testicles, and two nasty ones on my nipples. The rattling the pins made as I continued pulling my penis was quite something.

The pins were in place over an half an hour, and she said me being in pain turned her on. It turned me on, as well, and I don't remember when was the last time I was so horny. I hope to be able to do that with her many times in the future.  

Today I continued my anal project and visited a porn store around the corner. The previous day had proven I need new anal toys, and badly. It took me some time, but I finally purchased myself a rather big jello butt plug, since it looked to my eyes about the same size as the screwdriver handle.

However, it seems I was a bit too overconfident, since the pink monster was after all too big for my boy pussy. I can get it in almost all the way, but not quite. In other words my purchase turned out to be a disappointment.

With hindsight, I know now I should have gotten the inflatable model instead, despite the fact it cost twice as much. I do mean to get the pink monster rammed into my ass eventually, and start sleeping my nights with it inside my ass. Just not yet.    

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