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Welcome to "My Boy Pussy Project", part thirteen. In the two following installment I will cover the events that took place on my sissy Christmas. This one covers it since my last ejaculation and all through the following week, up until the night before the Christmas eve. Even though I wanted the blog to have a little break during the holidays, the project itself has continued and there's so much to tell you about.  
Christmas is stressful time for all of us, but I try to enjoy it as much as possible. Among other things my approach has been for several years to handle all the family responsibilities before the Christmas, so I can spend the eve just the way I want. There would be tons of stuff I could go into, but since this is a sexual blog I will try to focus only on the erotic side of my Christmas.
As you may remember I had cummed on Sunday, and the following Monday had been a rest day for me as far as my testicles were concerned. By Tuesday they were working on full steam again and I started to get increasingly horny. After all, it seems man's testicles are designed to shoot their load daily, and by the second day the constant throbbing in my balls begun again.
Originally I was supposed to be on the way to my parents on Tuesday, but ultimately I decided to postpone my trip for one day to get more stuff done. And being the anal freak I am, I couldn't resist turning some of the things into something fun.   
Among other things I managed to do the first and very hasty part of my Christmas grocery shopping with the metal plug in my ass. As you may remember, for a long time running errands while plugged has been a fantasy of mine. However, none of the attempts have been total successes since I've either been terrified the devices slip in, they have slipped out or been too painful to wear.
This time I chose my metal plug with a ball like furry end, which proved to be a good choise. Getting on a bike with it on seemed a bit extreme at first, but I didn't let it stop me. In fact I think the cycling part was what kept the plug in, even though it did bit a bit painfully the rim of my asshole.
In the local Lidl I realized the plug would stay in and not slip out and relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling. It was quite an experience to do your shopping with it in.As I have said, the sensation the metal plug creates is rather invasive, sharp and rough. It is quite impossible to forget it, as it moves left to right on every step you make.
After the second shop the sensation became increasingly painful as the metal bit deeper into the rim of my sweaty asshole. The plug itself stayed in though during my whole trio, and that was all that mattered. All I can say that was the most intense Christmas shopping I had ever done.
Afterwards as I was chatting with my virtual friend and the discussion took an interesting turn. The thing is, I had had an idea on Sunday to freeze my load, but I ditched it because the sperm I shoot out didn't look that healthy. However, for that reason I had emptied an ice tray and put the cubes to a bowl in the freezer. And every time I opened it I saw them and heard their siren song.
Why siren song, you ask? Well, as it happens. I have a long relationship with using them in ass play, all the way from childhood. Back then it had filled me with shame, as all things sexual things did. A couple of weeks earlier, as I had been giving myself that a bit too radical enema, I had slipped one in, and discovered I still liked the sensation, even more than before.
I mentioned all this to my friend, and was finally rewarded with an order to put an ice cube in my rectum. As I have told you, it is much easier for me to do things if I am ordered to, so I was very grateful to her for breaking the ice, so to speak. She likes ass play as well, even with ice cubes, so it was natural she was a very understanding.
My friend wasn't able to be online the whole time, so I had to manage on my own as well, and during the night I ended up rekindling my interest to my old hobby.  
The next day, as I was in a bus on the way to my parents I got to explain to her my fascination with the practice. First of all there is the humiliation aspect. Usually it's practical to be completely naked to do this. And let's face it, to do something as perverted as that, you will have to be a complete freak. No sane person would ever do it, right?
Then there are all the sensations. If you take a big, sharp edged ice cube straight from the freezer it's usually cold enough to make your fingers stick to it and the thought what you're about to do fills you with fear. As you bend over and put it to the lips of you asshole you can even hear the cube crackling, adding to the situation.
Then you start to push it in. First it hurts a bit, you feel the coldness and the edges pressing to the sphincter. At that point all you have to do is keep on pushing until you feel the cube start going in. You merely have to keep on pushing with your finger until you feel it going past the sphincter. Usually I keep pushing the cube even after that to make sure it goes in all the way.
And that, my faithful readers is my favourite part. The moment you feel your rectum gulping the cube up almost eagerly. That's the most intense, freaky and most wonderful part. You feel it disappear into you, as if it never existed. You know it's inside you and you're never going to get it back, nor do you wish that.
I must say I got hooked to the feeling that night. I liked it so much I ended up putting in, not one but three ice cubes in a row. I remember being almost like intoxicated as I did it. As soon as the previous one was in I started to get the next one out of the tray with shaking fingers. I just had to experience it again.
Then, there were the sensations cubes itself generated. Every time a new cube slipped inside me and I clenched my ass cheeks shut I could feel the cube starting emanating coldness. I could feel my balls shrink a bit, and I could feel my penis, even though still small as a tiny knob, desperately trying to say something to me.
I still have hard time defining what that something is. Is it "Please, wank me! Please!"? Or is it "Yes, put next one in after that one, please!"? Or perhaps "Oh, that's so cold, it hurts!"? It could be all three, even though I do admit the need to grab your clit and start pulling it back and forth is almost impossible to resist at that point. After the three cubes I felt I had to stop. Even though I knew I had wanted more.
I did remain extremely horny the next few days even though unable to continue any sort of anal training. On Wednesday morning, as I was getting rid of the morning hornyness by doing some very light fondling at my computer, I realized I was on the edge in less than a minute. That gave me quite a scare, and I decided not risk it from there on. In other words I haven't touched myself at all during the rest of the week.
The horniness continued all the time I was at my parents' place and there was times I literally had to go and curl as a ball on my bed, and try to get the constant, demanding ache in my balls to stop or even easy off a bit. The fact that there was very little to do there and that I have a pretty good imagination didn't help.
What I could do over there was to look online for new anal toys for myself, though. I have realized I am not only running out but also outgrowing my current ones. Due to my poor financial situation though I was unable to get myself anything for Christmas, but as soon as the new year comes I will get myself a new toy or two.
I may make at some point a separate post about all this later, but main question had to do with size. I wanted the toy to have room for growth, but on the other hand I didn't want to make same mistake I had done previously and get a toy that was way too big for me. However, being extremely horny didn't help in trying to be realistic.
The stay at my parents was far from an unstressful one, and after I got home on Friday I was a wreck, both mentally and physically. I did manage to finish my Christmas grocery shopping, though, and since it would have been just boring to do it any other way, I did it with my prostate toy in. Also, my asshole felt had been neglected for days.
This time I visited only the shop around the corner and made my trip on foot. All in all I was amazed how comfortable the prostate toy was to use now. Even though it was somewhat disappointing it didn't create same kind of the sensations the metal plug did.
On the other hand the sensation the prostate massager created was much less invasive. There was only a sort of presence there was something inside me. Truth to tell, it was comfortable in the degree that using it instead one of the plugs seemed almost like cheating.
Afterwards I practically collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted. However, I was happy I had now several days of to relax. All I wanted was some peace and quiet, to do things on my own, whatever it was. Little did I know what the next day had in store for me...

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