Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Okay, sixth part it is, then. This installment, or rather the events described in it are somewhat unusual or at least unexpected kind. The thing is, when I got up today I thought the day would be an uneventful one, since I had no great master plan in mind when it came to my anal training project.
As you know, the previous day and night I had been shall we say active, but this time I had basically fell asleep after pizza, beer and the latest episode of Westworld. As I woke up I didn't feel especially sexy.
As I was sitting at the computer having my morning edging and chatting with a virtual friend of mine, my boy pussy started to feel empty again. Therefore I slipped the red diamond plug in again, this time even using a bit of lube with it.
However, it didn't take long for me to feel the familiar feeling of number two wanting to get out, which meant I had to go to the bathroom and take the plug out. One thing led to another and I realised it would be nice to give myself a little enema again, to get myself properly empty.
This time I did it with more, caution though. Afterwards I probed my hole a bit with the red diamond plug and noticed it felt nice and loose. This gave me an inspiration and I took out my cock shaped vibrator I had managed to put in only once so far.
After all, we're talking about a male porn star size here, that's 3 to 4 cm wide and over 20 cm long. I put a lot of lube and started to insert the huge thing. First I couldn't get anything else than the tip in, but I continued, and slowly but firmly pushed the thing deeper and deeper.
At some point I turned the vibrator on. I could feel it, but for some reason the vibration doesn't seem to have a big effect on me. Finally it was inside me all the way, and before I took it out I even managed to sit down a bit with the huge thing vibrating in maximum setting.
This gave me courage and I took out the black inflatable butt plug I have been able to insert into my asshole only twice so far, and after a quite of discomfort. I admit I had been worried I wouldn't be able to do it again, thinking what took place couple of days earlier had been just good luck, or that my asshole had clenched shut during the last few days.
I put a good amount of lube on it and started to insert it. You might guess how overjoyed I was when the thing slid inside me almost effortlessly! A mere days earlier it had hurt and it been a huge effort to get it in. Now I was able to push it in my ass just like that without much obstruction.
Sure it felt big, but it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable or painful as it has been in the first or the second time. Perhaps it was thanks to the lube, or perhaps my nightly spreading exercises had  helped, as well.
I sat down in front of my computer. The plug filled me up nicely. Even though the sensation was very intense, it wasn't uncomfortable. One could even say it felt... natural somehow. I loved feeling so full.
Originally my idea had been to sit on my computer, perhaps trying to pump the plug a bit larger and even edge a bit. What followed was quite a surprise for me, and one could even say, end of an era.
At this point I have to make a small confession. Even though nothing I have told you in the past isn't untrue, there are two things I have not told you. This is because I have been unsure what  to think about them. The thing is, as a result of my experiments I have had two ejaculations this week.
They could be perhaps called ruined orgasms or edging accidents. Neither of them took place by my free will, and I wasn't even touching my limp penis when things started happening. What took place was in both cases purely anatomical. My body simply decided to go over the edge and I could do nothing to stop it, only to observe it from outside, and in horror.
The first instance took place on Thursday, when I had the nasty clothespins on my nipples for an half an hour. Sure, I had been playing myself for some time before it happened, but I had no intention to cum, and in my opinion I was miles away from an orgasm.
As you may guess, I was pretty broken up after the incident. I couldn't understand why my body had betrayed me like that. Not only it meant 2016 wouldn't be totally cum free for me the way I had hoped, it also meant the 497 days record would now remain unbroken. I had been 373 days without an ejaculation at that point.
The second incident took place two days later, after I had gotten the inflatable plug inside me the second time. I was sitting at my computer and after a relatively short amount of edging I noticed my body started to push itself over the edge, without me being able to do anything about it.
I wasn't even touching my penis at that point, but on both occasions I squeezed it hard, in the hopes of being able to stop the process. In the latter case I there was a spasm after spasm, and I felt my penis filling up with semen.
Afterwards I wasn't as broken up as I had been two days earlier. In fact I was amused and excited. Had I just found my prostate? All the stereotypical things I knew people said about men who liked to take it in the ass kept going round and round in my head. Now it seemed I was one of those men. The whole situation amused me.
Now, I was sitting at my computer again, with the plug filling me completely. I was fiddling with my penis almost absent-mindedly when I suddenly felt a surge starting up in my balls. I instantly took my hand off. What? I wasn't even masturbating myself this time!
I repeated what I had done, and the same thing happened again. This was fucking unreal. Did my body like this much the plug in my ass? I understood I could make myself cum in series of light fiddling if I wanted. I hadn't never, ever been in a situation like this.
Thoughts raced through my head. My attempt to break my record, as well as to make 2016 completely cum free for me were already in shambles. But I hadn't cummed by my own free will since November the first, 2013.
For over three years I had denied orgasms from myself. For 37 months, or 1130 days, I had kept myself denied of the thing normal men took for granted, and gotten a huge masochistic kick out of it.
During the last three years not cumming, or thinking I had no rights over my own orgasms, had become the center of my sexuality. Not cumming, or not even wanting to cum was what I did. It was what I was. Was it time to change that now? Was I actually considering that I had a right to make myself cum? Just like that?
Then again, what would I win if I just stepped back from the situation, removed the plug and continued my so-called chaste life? Considering the sad truth there was no one who was actually that interested about my chastity. Not even after I had desperately tried to find someone who would take 24/7 control over them. No one cared. No one, but me.

So I made my decision. I would do it. I would let myself cum. I would deliberately let my body to go over the edge,  and let the warm semen out. Something I hadn't done in three long years. I would fucking cum. I would cum. The thought kept going around in my head even though it was almost too big for me to comprehend.
I started to lightly fiddle my penis and immediately felt the orgasm starting to approach. I was able to take myself couple of times very close to a brink, only to stop at the last moment. Finally I decided it was time to give my testicles the relief they wanted, and continuing the light fiddling I let my body go over the edge.
As soon as I knew it couldn't be stopped, I let go and feeling the wave of orgasm wash over me I watched as my limp little penis started to ooze warm semen out, spurt after spurt, to the towel I had on the office chair I was sitting in. It looked so funny, and unreal. My little penis, cumming.
After a series of spurts I took the limp penis in my hand and started pulling it back and forth, and was able to create something I could almost call as an second orgasm. A part of me regrets now I didn't continue longer.
After I had yanked the plug out of my ass, which incidentally hurt much more than putting the thing in, I collapsed on the bed completely naked. I was disoriented but happy, even though a part of me had difficulties understanding what had just happened.
The inside of my ass hurt a bit, but not as nearly as much it had done in the previous time. Also, the sensation was more like a mere muscle ache than stinging. I knew that was a good thing. Ass throbbing, smile on my red and flushed face I let myself to drift to sleep.

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