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I recently made a post on Bdsmlr based on a video I had seen somewhere during one of my edging marathons. In the video there was a woman doing some ruined orgasm torture on a man while at the same time having clothespins attached on his nipples, making the whole procedure more painful for him.

I published a screen cap of the video in question with a little description. The thing is, I had done something similar on my own some time earlier. Since the post in question got nice amount of reblogs I will share my experience here as well. I hope you will find it informative, or at least amusing.

My setup differed somewhat from the one I had seen on the video. As you all know, I'm a pain freak, and have been doing nipple torture all my life. While I'm masturbating or edging pain on erogenous area is highly arousing, at least if I'm turned on enough. The more it hurts the better.

However, many times the act of adjusting the pins on my nipples, or pressing them so that they would hurt more, takes time from the edging. Therefore I had been thinking for quite a while how to combine those two. Would there be a way to actively torture my nipples and masturbate at the same time? Finally I came up with an idea I thought would solve that problem.

In my setup I was sitting at my computer and I had two nasty plastic clothespins on my nipples. This time however there was a string that went through both of the pins, with me holding the ends. Every time I tugged my penis the pins would pull painfully on my nipples. Or at least that was the idea. 

As is the case with all great inventions it took some time to perfect the procedure. It turned out to be quite difficult to keep the strings tight enough for my tugs to hurt my nipples properly. Having the string wrapped around my wrist and then through my palm seemed to work the best.

The other challenge was to prevent myself from cumming too fast. The thing is, this technique brought me to the edge way too quickly, and I naturally wanted it to last as long as possible. It turned put I had to take pauses once every 30 seconds, for my body to calm down and steady my breathing before I could continue.

Once in a while a pin would snap off, after which I naturally put it back again and continued. This happened several times and the more close I got the more difficult it was to get them back on, due to my hands shaking too much. Both the pin snapping off and putting it back on hurt like hell, but like I said, at that point the more it hurt the better. 

At one point I realized I need to end it, and decided a perfect way to do it would be having a ruined orgasm in front of my full body mirrors. After all, I wanted it to be as humiliating as possible for me. So I got up, walked to the other room and faced my two mirrors from which I can watch myself from two sides at the same time.

As I was looking my completely naked form I realized how pathetic I already looked. I had this weird, a bit glazed and out of this world sort of look in my eyes that masturbation gives me. There was my ridiculous naked form, topped with the two clothespins on my nipples, and the string attaching them and my wrist together, forcing me to lead forward a bit.

I was too horny to look at my mirror image for long, however and started pulling my limp penis. While at the same time looking myself deep into my own eyes, and observing the extremely ridiculous expressions on my face. It never seizes to amaze me how silly I look when I masturbate. 

At his point my tugs were so forceful they snapped the pins off my nipples several times. I put them back every time before continuing, even though my hands were now shaking more than ever. Finally however, I realized I had taken this as far as I could and it was time to ruin my orgasm.

I picked up the pace, started to pull my limp penis as sharply as I could in order for my nipples to hurt as much as possible, while at the same time looking deep into my own eyes. When I knew I was after point of no return I let go, dropped my hand, and a few moments later felt the wave of orgasm wash over me, and then felt tiny amount of cum dribbling on the floor out of my limp penis. 

I still kept my eyes on my face, and merely examined my own expressions, and the fact how demented my half open mouth made me look. I also enjoy completely ignoring my own orgasm completely, and not even looking at my penis as it happens makes it feel all more humiliating and futile.

This time around however the usual post orgasmic drop, the feeling of shame and self loathing felt much worse. As I was taking the pins off I understood now how insane it had all been, as I saw in what state my nipples now were. My face was red, my heart was racing and I felt totally spent.

For obvious reasons I haven't done this again, no matter how hot it felt at the time. The thing is, even though I have tortured my nipples most of my life, this time around it took them ages to recover. But I must say it was worth it.

As I'm watching my cum ban calendar now I realize that must have been my latest orgasm, and one that took place over fifty days already. It seems it's true what they say. How time flies when you're not having fun.

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