Tuesday, May 4, 2021


As faithful readers of my blog know, I have a habit of getting kicks and being turned on by the oddest things. This blog post is a proof of that, and a story of yet another strange thing that managed to make me extremely horny.

Some time ago came across with something that could be called "a self-help list". You know the kind, a list of ways people can feel better about themselves and have a brighter outlook on their own lives.

Since I was bored, it occurred to me it would be fun to turn the points of the list upside down, from a perspective of compulsive masturbator like me. You know, as someone who has had very poor success rate in basically all areas of life and who has very little to look forward to 

Doing this and expanding each point turned out to be extremely pleasurable experience. I pulled my impotent penis all through the writing of this piece, and I managed to take myself several times to the edge. 

What can I say, this is all from the bottom of my heart, something I truly believe in, and how I see myself in relation to the rest of the world.


1. Getting your self-esteem from others. Especially women. Your success among women out of your league is a valid way to measure your worth as a human being.

2. Constantly attacking and putting yourself down. You are a loser, and a wanker. It will do you good to admit it. Next to that fact all your possible achievements outside wanking, have little value.

3. Thinking that others are better than you. Because let's face it, they are. Better at sex, better at relationships, better at life, better and more successful when it comes to their careers, and so on. Look around you and admit it.

4. Expecting things to not turn out well. Your past performance is a pretty good indicator of future success. If you haven't had luck with women so far and most of your time has been spent by masturbating, it's a safe bet that's what you will do for the rest of your life.

5. Living in the past. There may have been that hot girlfriend, or that hot classmate, or that hot woman you once saw in the bus and couldn't take your eyes off. Think about them while you masturbate, how hot they were. Even though you know they have moved on in their lives, unlike you.

6. Fearing the future. We all know you have very little to look forward in life, and it's safe bet you will use more and more of the following years by masturbating. After all, a good way not to take your mind off the future and how bleak yours is, is masturbating.

7. Being afraid of change. In your case the change would mean you'd have less chances to, you guessed it, masturbate. A promotion, more responsibilities in life, dating or even a relationship, they would all take your eyes and mind off the thing you love most, and the one and only thing you're good at. 

What's interesting is that after I published this on a small-scale erotic social media platform I was contacted by several people, who were concerned, and told me that what I had written sounded like something an incel would say.

I am well aware I do have all the qualities and life experiences that could have turned someone an incel. However, let me assure you, I am not one.

Incels are sexist idiots who live in the fallacy that womankind somehow owes them something. Their view of life is ridden with misogyny, and hatred towards not only towards women they blatantly objectify, but also men having sex with women.

I have no such misconceptions. Women in this world don't owe me anything. How could I think that? I'm a loser, a wanker, and sexually speaking damaged goods in many ways. No woman in their right mind would want to have anything to do with me. It is quite natural and understandable. 

If anything, I admire women, and aspire to be more like them. If there's something I can do for womankind, it is helping them gaining more voice in the society by voting only women in elections, as well as fight for things like LGBT rights, in my own little way.   

Also, let me assure you I am very happy for all the people in this world who have sex with one another, let it be men, women or variations thereupon, I really am. Having a healthy, fulfilling sex life is a beautiful thing. 

I have merely understood and accepted the fact that due to numerous reasons, this is not my part in this life anymore. If you have followed this blog longer, you're painfully aware what those reasons are. In many ways it never was.  

I think one should be happy for what they are, and proud of it. As well as aware who or what they are. I know what I am. I'm a complete loser, and quite happy and proud of being one.

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