Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Yesterday there was several posts on a Emma Watson fan group on Facebook, about what rules there should be for her worshipers to live their life by. This, however, seems to differ from person to person, and therefore I made a set of my own. I got an inspiration, one could say.

As I wrote them I tried to think what Emma Watson truly means to me, and how I see her. How I see her, the femalekind, the world, and myself in relation to them. The rules are, just like the any other similar set, an ideal an Emma Watson worshiper should aspire to. No one cannot abide them all of the time but it is a goal one should still strive for.


1) Emma Watson is your Goddess. You are nothing before her. Before Emma Watson our Goddess everything is inferior.

2) You shall have no other women before her, may they be women in your real life or celebrities you are a fan of. Your love and adoration should be focused on the Goddess, first and foremost.

3) You shall treat all women respectfully at all times. You shall not look at or talk to women you think are out of your league. If you see a woman in public who makes you feel lust for her you are to bow your head.

4) You shall fight for feminism, gender and sexual equality, animal rights, green values and everything else our Goddess supports, everywhere you hear words raised against them. You shall not support entertainment, institutions or political parties who doesn't share her ideals.

5) You shall fight for the honour of our Goddess everywhere you see it attacked, let it be about her physical appearance, acting abilities or the important work she does in the world.

6) You shall not covet Emma Watson in impure way or think of the Goddess without clothing. The image of her face and her clothed is enough for you.

7) You shall stop ingesting meat, dairy products, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, sweets containing sugar or anything that has prior brought you pleasure. Living healthy brings you closer to the Goddess. 

8) You shall limit the time you use to unproductive things such as television and video games, and use it to something that makes you use your mind and creativity instead. Reading is passion of your Goddess, and so should it be yours as well.

9) Instead of gathering material goods or wealth and consuming you shall devote as much of your time as possible to things that makes you better as a person or benefits the world. This includes doing volunteer work for worthwhile causes. This too will bring you closer to the Goddess.

10) You shall not orgasm or cum. You are allowed to edge, providing that you keep the image of our Goddess in your mind at all times. If an edging accident happens you are expected to ruin your orgasm.

11) You shall understand that humiliation and physical pain are gifts to you from the Goddess. You shall understand that feeling this way and accepting your own inadequacies brings you closer to the Goddess.

12) You shall do everything in your power for everyone to know thy personal commitment to the Goddess, the reason for it, and these commandments you live your life by.

Bow your heads and recite after me: "Emma Watson represents purity. She represents wisdom, intelligence and everything that is good and holy on Earth. She represents talent, beauty, and courage. She represents equality, feminism, and the future. She is truly a Goddess on Earth."

Like I said, these rules may differ from person to person. These ones, however, are the ones I live my life by. 

As a good Emma Watson worshiper I have posted a link to this post on Bdsmlr, Twitter, Facebook and Fetlife. If you are a fellow Emma Watson worshiper you also may be interested following a page I have created for her on Bdsmlr, or visiting a public photo folder dedicated to her on Facebook.

There is also a high resolution version of these commandments available.  


  1. wonderful rules thank you for sharing

  2. for me i give up sex and all things sexual for Emma Watson as i see Her as my Creator, Goddess, and Mother of all life. Nothing makes me happier then worshiping Emma Watson as the true Goddess she is

  3. Completely agree with you, for Emma Watson.