Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Hmmm. Time for a status update, I suppose. The thing is, I had an accidental ruined ejaculation again. This time, however, there's an upside to the matter, since my Queen was present at the time. She likes, I've lately noticed, to see me masturbate and edge for her, something I am very, very pleased about.

The incident itself was rather curious, however. When I happened I wasn't even touching my dick. It was very soft and limp at the moment, and I had let go of it five to ten seconds earlier. And even though I was very turned on from the masturbation that had lasted quite a while at that point, and from watching deep into my Queen's eyes as I did it, I wasn't even near the edge, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, suddenly it just... started. The orgasmic build-up in my balls begun, grew, and then, with me completely unable to do anything to stop it, and holding my Queen tight, sperm started to spurt out of my limp penis. There was three or four lazy spurts and there I was, completely baffled about what had just happened.

I wasn't the only one who was baffled, though. As the incident took place, my Queen was totally clueless what was happening, since this was the first time I ejaculated in her presence, and it was far from what she knew male orgasm looked like. I don't blame her, Just think of it: me looking at her, in complete silence, my eyes wide open, with a look of astonishment and horror on my face.

My cum, my Queen commented later on, was apparently very clear and watery, not the thick white stuff she expected to see. I don't doubt that at all. After all, there had been two and half months since the last "discharge", and it's very probable my ejaculation had very little actual sperm in it.

Afterwards I was naturally shocked, ashamed, mad at myself and not knowing what to think about the whole thing. My Queen wasn't at all mad, however, which made the whole thing much easier to bear. She even said that me being so ashamed was something very cute to look at.

Also, if everything goes the way it did last time, I should have in front of me a couple of very torturous weeks, as my testicles start, as one of my friends put it, "to churn new stuff that wants out".

I can't help but to wonder, however, the logic and mechanism my testicles seem to be working with. What I experienced shouldn't be possible. It almost feels as if, considering the length of my chastity period, my libido has journeyed somewhere where the laws of normal anatomy do not apply anymore.

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