Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My Queen made an unplanned stay-over visit at my place the other night. The visit was very romantic, erotic, hot and fun, in quite an perverse way.

Among other things she agreed to masturbate herself in front of me, something no woman hasn't ever done for me. I was surprised how... utterly beautiful it looked like, and I simply had to masturbate a bit as well, as I watched her. She seemed to find it rather amusing.

Naturally I didn't dare to do it very long, since I don't trust my nether regions at all anymore. Afterwards I sort of got excited and started planning things how mutual masturbation could work for both of us. Naturally for this to work it would mean we had ended the current cum ban, and started a series of shorter ones, lasting perhaps only few months or weeks.

My first idea was that I would have possibility to wank off and cum as long as long as my Queen hadn't orgasmed yet, as many times as I manage. This way my Queen would have more motivation to cum as soon as possibile, to prevent me getting too much enjoyment. And if she managed to cum just before my third of fourth ejaculation, too bad for me.

However, since I noticed orgasming in my presence took quite a while for her (usually, she says, she can orgasm in less than ten minutes) and I could have spurted my load in less than minute watching her, the procedure I described earlier seemed a bit unfair.

Therefore I came up with an idea that she could be given a head start, say five minutes, after which I would be allowed to start wanking off. If she manages to orgasm before I do, I'd had to stop, not matter whether I had orgasmed myself or not.

Naturally I'd have to spend the head start time by helping her to orgasm by caressing her and kissing her, as well as admiring her beauty, knowing that every second passing lessens my own possibility to get to cum. One can only imagine my confusion at that point.

Over time the head start could be increased, and hopefully she will come better at orgasming at my presence as well, making it less and less probable I get to cum. This could be done once a month, for example, and that would be my only chance to try to orgasm.

I described plans to my Queen, and she didn't declined, something I'm very pleased about. However, it is unknown when we will have to try the plans I described, at this point at least.

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