Saturday, June 20, 2015


What a day. Like you most likely already read, my Queen and I ended up doing some good old-fashioned on-line bladder torture on yours truly.

The whole thing was more or less an accident, but ended up as an hour and a half long torture session. Actually I don't remember when was the last time my bladder had been that full, and in so much pain. The home stretch, so to speak, was the condition that my Queen wanted to finish a fantasy book she was reading before I could get relief.

The last forty-five minutes or so I was in complete agony, while my Queen was relaxing with her book. (She said the ending contained so much plot twists she had to go back and forth a bit.) The whole thing was very perverse, but we both loved every minute. After my Queen finally finished her book and I got to pee, it felt ecstatic, almost like cumming.

What I hadn't anticipated, though, was the fact that even though I finally peed over two liters of liquid in the course of few hours, and there was nothing inside anymore, the bladder is now very sore, creating a very strong urge to urinate. Then again, it's understandable, after the harsh treatment it got today.

However, in my point, the urge to pee, or a pain in my bladder, has always resulted into a heightened sense of horniness, as well. In other words, after my Queen went off-line to go to meet a friend of hers, I haven't been able to stop edging. As long as the ache doesn't subside, I don't seem to be able to stop this.

This is all fine and well, but over nine hours of edging, with only brief breaks, is quite a lot even for me.

Then again, this is the day after the midsummer eve celebrations over here, and people are supposed to spend it hung over or relaxing. It's nobody's business how I spend mine, right?

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