Friday, August 14, 2015


Sometimes romance can be born out of very little things. And no, I am not referring to my penis this time.

A couple of days ago my Queen visited me briefly. She did it because she knew we couldn't see each other during the weekend, due to the fact I was going away for a few days. The briefness in turn was caused by her parents, who by the way have no idea about my existence, and who had decided they wanted to visit her daughter just that day.

Even though we had only few hours together, it is amazing how long it seemed, and how much we managed to do in that short time. There was some sort of... sweet desperation in it even, almost as if my ship sailed at dawn and we had no idea when we would see each other again.

The time seemed endless, when we both knew we had to take advantage of every moment. The amount of cuddling one can do in mere few hours is amazing.

We also ended up playing a bit with ice-cream, something we had talked about many times in the past. I just happened to have it in the fridge, and as I realized I had low blood sugar, I decided this would be an excellent time to hit two birds with one stone, so to say.

I admit had my reservations when it came to ice-cream play. I had tried it once, and truth to tell, it hadn't been that special. You put ice-cream on a person and lick it off, where's the big deal? But it seems everything is more fun with my Queen.

I think the main difference is that this time we both were open-minded and wanted to experiment, to see what it felt like. We were on a playful mood, and she watched me smiling, and looking incredibly beautiful, as I played with ice-cream on her breast.

Placing small amounts ice cream on the top on her breast and seeing the nipple stand erect, catching the ice-cream as it started to dribble, teasing her breast and the nipple sometimes with the spoon, sometimes with your tongue was more fun I could have ever imagined.

Finally, after I had teased her quite a long time, I licked the remaining ice-cream off her body. Her breast felt cold and slippery, but in a good way, and she said that after the cold ice-cream, my warm tongue had felt very nice as well.
When the play was over I licked her breast thoroughly clean, and even got a towel and dried it properly. She seemed to like that as well.

Like you most likely remember, during the last weekend the hadn't been any orgasming involved, thanks to mother nature. Since mother nature was now asleep, it was high time I gave my Queen a few orgasms. I suppose that was one of her reasons for visiting me.

During the afternoon gave her three orgasms, that last of which happened while I was giving her cunnilingus. That was the third time we got to do it, and according to her every one has been a better experience.

I am no novice when it comes to pussy licking, but it seems that even though you know the basics, every woman, and every pussy, is unique, with different preferences. In a way a pussy licker must study every woman as it were his first.

Before my Queen had to leave she even granted a wish of mine and gave me a bit of bladder torture. It just happened I had had a full bladder for some time, but keeping my Queen happy had kept me from going to toilet. When she sat on me and rocked herself slightly back and forth I hugged her backside and told her I must be the luckiest guy in the world.

Because I think I am.

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