Friday, August 28, 2015


I could have made the following update several days ago. However, I have been somewhat busy. I also wanted to save you all from yet another update filled with details that make my life seem like a one of a some sort of sex maniac. Which I am, of course, but not the most usual type, I suppose.

I saw my Queen earlier this week. We both attended a meeting that offered a chance for us to meet afterwards at her place, especially since we both knew she would have to go to see her parents this weekend.

Earlier on that day I had plucked, trimmed and shaved my balls and testicles in the hope it would please my Queen. She had noted earlier that if I want her to do more things to my testicles I could trim it a bit, which I naturally did.

I don't shave myself bare, but I do trim the region a lot and leave only a short hair above the penis. However, I do try to make the balls as smooth as possible, since handling them that way feels, quite frankly, very pleasurable.

So I was quite anxious to get to show off my trimmed genitals to my Queen, but then things happened, and the fact I had now smooth balls was somewhat overshadowed by it.

The things is, after our last encounter last weekend, and her first trip to porn store with me, my Queen had apparently been enthusiastic enough to make some purchases online from a Finnish adult toy store. We picked up the package on our way to her place, and she was very keen to show the new toys to me.

The other one was a ball gag, and it seems she was a bit nervous whether I thought it would be a bit extreme or too much for me to handle. I told her she was being silly again, and that anything she was into couldn't ever been too much for me, because I love her.

We tried it out a bit, and I got to act a bit like a dom again. That is, giving her orders and so on, which she seems to like.  She said she had been unsure whether the gag was actually her thing, but she had wanted to find out whether she would like it. It remains to be seen who much she wants to see me use it on her in future.

The other purchase, however, seemed to be a success. I own a pair of handcuffs, but since she seems to think they're a bit too girly (they're shiny and pink) she had wanted to buy a better pair for herself, made out of black leather and with easier locking mechanism.

In retrospection it's a bit funny she bought the handcuffs primarily for herself, but they ended up being on me most of the time. After I had put them on her and she had tried how they feel for a while, she put them on me, so that my hands were behind my back. If I'm not mistaken that was the first time I got to experience it.

We started kissing while both of us standing, and soon I was practically begging my Queen to remove my undies, which she complied to after a while. She teased my limp penis a bit and I finally understood the fascination of handcuffs. No matter how hard I would have liked to start wanking, I couldn't. The cuffs took away all responsibility.

My Queen also told me, as I walked around, that my bare ass, with my cuffed hands in front of it, looked very tasty, and something that could have been straight out of a fetish shoot. I was naturally pleased to hear it, since I do want to look pretty for my Queen.  

My Queen also fulfilled another one of my many fantasies, namely being led around from my limp penis, as she dragged me to a full length mirror to see my image. She even asked me whether I was ready for it, apparently wanting to make sure it wouldn't be as big step for me that it is to her. I was naturally very keen seeing myself, simply for the humiliation value.

I also found it curious that being led from my limp penis wasn't nearly as humiliating as I suspected it to be. It merely felt.... right and natural, somehow. Even safe, feeling my Queen's fingers on my limp penis and not having to decide yourself where you're going.

After we had watched ourselves from the mirror my Queen came to stand behind me and started teasing me verbally, whispering to my ear how it was impossible for me to masturbate or even touch myself, no matter how much I wanted.

Something made me lift my hands a bit and start pulling her skirt upwards. As my fingers touched her pussy through her panties I heard her gasp and say: "I see you found the place you are allowed to touch". I slid my fingers inside her panties and as they met her slick pussy lips I heard her gasp. I started masturbating her and she soon reached an orgasm, a small but still an orgasm, while holding her hands tight around me.

It's not every day one can say he can make his woman cum even with his hands tied.

After my Queen had wiped my fingers clean she wanted to see whether some of her shoes fit on me. One pair did, to her great joy, as well as mine. The pair on question was dark blue, with wedge heel, and a tip that left my toes visible. And even though I say so myself, my feet looked pretty darn cute in them.

Even though they were tight, walking on them wasn't at all hard, even though it felt a bit of hazardous considering my hands were cuffed behind my back and I'm a big guy. However, I do have a little experience walking on high heels, since I own a pair of leather women's boots I sometimes wear in fetish parties. The trick, of course, is to take very small steps.

We even ended up putting some very light polish on my toenails, which made them look even more cute. In retrospection it is somewhat curious that my Queen had been worried whether that being made to wear women's clothing such as shoes would be too much for me. Nothing would have been farther from the truth and I hope she does it more in the future.

As we lay on the bed cuddling and kissing, we also ended up trying a rather interesting sex position. Truth to tell, we haven't been very adventurous when it comes to positions, due to the fact we're both rather inexperienced.

In any case, I somehow ended up between her legs while she was laying on her tummy on the bed. In a spur of the moment I decided to try whether I could reach her pussy from there. I did, and even managed to slid my thumb in. I masturbated her some time, and tried out some techniques, which some worked, some not.

Finally I took out my Queen's recent purchase, the vibrator made out of very soft material, and tried it in. It slid in, rather easily. I must say I was quite amazed, since not long ago it was the penetration that had caused us problems. And this time there was no additional lubricant involved either. I fucked her quite a while with the vibrator from behind, and could have continue to do so twice as much.

Afterwards it was again time for cuddling . That and most likely everything that had happened during the night made me very horny. Finally I couldn't resist anymore and I had to direct my horniness to somewhere. Therefore I ended up giving my Queen another session of "chained" orgasms.

For what must have been almost an half an hour there was nothing but the wet sounds as I slid my hand in steady rhythm on her pussy and, and her moaning and having an orgasm after another. I had decided I would keep doing it until she begs me to stop, which she ultimately did.

I asked my Queen afterwards did she have any idea how many orgasms she had and her rough estimate was "around five". It seems with women it's hard to pinpoint where one orgasms stops and other one starts. However, I believe the quality, not only the quantity of her orgasms have risen recently as well.

Before we went to bed we showered together, for the first time. This time it was her idea, and I was very pleased she asked it. The thing is, I had suggested it to my Queen some months ago, but she had declined and said it would been "too much", so I hadn't brought it up again. She seemed to have totally forgotten the whole conversation.

I must admit I had again my reservations. I have been in that situation once and it had taught me showering together, something that's the ultimate erotic thing to do in the movies, can be lot less sexy in real life. However, it seems everything really is more fun with my Queen. 

I hadn't initially meant to sleep at her place, but by the time I would have had to leave it was so late I gave in and decided to stay. By the time we went to bed I was so horny, after hours of new experiences and also a bit of teasing, I practically humped my Queen's lovely hip, and whimpered like a small animal as we both fell into sleep.

Some time during the early hours of the morning I woke up with a raging hard-on. I do have morning erections, even though my penis doesn't get up at other times. I mentioned that to my Queen and she slid her hand to it, taking a good hold of my hard-on, but soon drifted back to sleep as I had guessed she would.

What followed must have been one of the weirdest, most romantic and erotic experiences of my life. My Queen's hand on my cock kept me hard and horny, but since it didn't move, or touch the tip, there was simple frustration.

Waves of horniness washed over my body and I couldn't do nothing but just lay there in the darkness. I didn''t move, or try to create friction on my cock. Quite the contrary, I tried to stay as motionless as possible, since I thought movement could make my Queen to take her hand away.  

I even thought it would be interesting, almost kind of amusing, if managed to orgasm there, from the simple feeling of my Queen's hand at the base of my cock. Also the fact she was asleep added to the situation. Naturally nothing of the sort happened.

In the morning I mentioned to my Queen about the incident, and asked whether she remembered it. It wouldn't be the first time something we did almost full asleep is forgotten in the morning. My Queen said she did, and that she had left her hand there on purpose, knowing very well she would fall asleep right away.

Sometimes I don't understand how is it possible I'm blessed with a wonderful girlfriend like her.

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