Tuesday, October 6, 2015


In July I made a post in which I calculated how much volume it would take to fit in all the cum I would have produced and spurted if it hadn't been my ban.

After all, the project I have been doing almost two years soon has been a long and oftentimes lonely journey. Therefore one wants to make the progress more concrete somehow, and one way to do that is to think of it in terms of volume. How much cum my body would have produced?

If one ejaculation equals about 10 milliliters, which is about two thirds of a table spoon, it would mean 50 days with ejaculation once a day (my usual wanking pace before the ban) equals roughly one pint.

A few days ago I passed the 700 day mark, which means I would have produced 14 pints full of cum in that time. Granted, I have let male ejaculate escape five times during that time, but in the name of fairness that amount of cum is very insignificant.

However, after my most recent post I was being pointed out that the average volume of male ejaculation is not 10 but somewhere between 2 and 3 milliliters. In other words, you would need about 200 days to get even to a half a liter.

According to those sources the data I based my calculations on indeed seem to be inaccurate. It's is strange, however, that even though I have posted them several times during the past two years no one has pointed it out until now.

One reason I ended up using the higher figure was also the fact I did think my ejaculation was about one tablespoon. But it may be I was misled by the fact the ejaculate often is spread on a belly or on a floor.

If we base the calculations on 2,5 milliliters of cum per day it means I'm at the moment at 3,5 pints, or 1,75 liters. Considering the time I must say I find the amount surprisingly low. After all, a human being can drink that amount of liquid in a day, for example.

Truth to tell, I have considered to stop using pints as a measurement in any case. The thing is, liters sound much more practical, not to mention impressive. In other words, 1,75 liters and counting it is then.

This would mean in January 2016 I get to celebrate not only 800th day anniversary, which is the next logical goal after all, but also reaching two full liters of cum I have saved the world from.

That's quite a goal to strive forwards, wouldn't you say?

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