Monday, December 19, 2016


Welcome to “My boy pussy project”, part twelve. Originally I wasn't going to make another post before Christmas, but things don’t always go the way we plan. Let it also be told that this installment contains, not only a lot of anal training, but also a description of me cumming. If you don’t like the idea, proceed with caution. If not, and you want to find out in how I got to spill my sissy seed, read on. Sunday was supposed to be the day I got stuff done. However, I was so excited by my earlier breakthroughs I ended up playing with my boy pussy most of the active hours of my day. It just sort of happened. I won’t bore you with as detailed description this time, and quite frankly I don’t even remember in what order everything happened. Originally my idea was merely to check whether I could get the pink monster straight in with a little lube. That didn't happen, but I did notice it wouldn't have needed that much help. It almost went in, just like that, to my totally unprepared boy pussy. So I dug out my cock shaped vibrator, lubed it up good and in no time had it deep inside my ass. It seemed so easy now, and it was amusing to think that it wasn't that long ago getting it in was such an accomplishment for me. After I had rammed the vibrator in and out of my boy pussy for quite a while it was child’s play to slip the pink monster in. Afterwards it was time for the inflatable plug and then… well, if you read my last report you know what happened next. As I was already wrapping things up my female virtual friend came on-line and I got to tell her about the breakthrough I had made. She was naturally very pleased to hear about it as well, and was eager to read the whole report from the previous day. I asked whether she would be amused if I put the pink one back in, and in no time I was sitting in front of the computer with the big jello plug inside me. It felt so good. It was so big it felt it was filling me completely. I couldn't understand how I could have lived without this sensation as long as I had. It also turned out I made a record of sorts. My friend had stuff to do while she was chatting with me and couldn't be on-line all the time, and so it happened that I had the huge thing inside me a whole hour. I tried my best to avoid my ass from shutting in around the plug, and therefore making taking out needlessly painful. Therefore I tried to work out with the plug as much as I could. For example I tried to pull it out a bit, enjoyed the pain as my asshole muscles were pulled forward, but stopped before to plug was actually out. I also noticed that if you turned the base part sideways, the ass cheeks pulled the plug out a bit, making all sorts of practices possible. For example doing walking movements turned out rather interesting, since every step I made shifted the plugs position inside my ass. If I leaned forward towards a kitchen counter using my arms, and then started to thrust my hips slowly forward the feeling inside my ass became extremely intense. As I finally took the plug out I knew it would hurt, but I was determined to enjoy that pain. The plug was in my ass so that I could have fun, not to torture myself. Therefore, as I was pulling it out and the part that hurt most came, I stopped the plug there, and savoured the pain. Then I pulled it back in, then back out, until I was fucking myself in the place it hurt the most. I wanted to love that pain. At some point my virtual friend came back on-line and said she had read my earlier report and liked it. So much in fact it had made her wet. As matter of fact, so wet she’d had to, to quote her, “take care of it” the same time I had been training my asshole. At first I was unable to believe what I had just heard. It seemed too fantastic to be true. She had masturbated and orgasmed, because something I had written had made her wet? That was not only the highest compliment I could have ever hope to get, but it was also extremely arousing. When my friend had originally gave me the cum ban she had set the limit till Sunday, which was now. However, the damage my clit had endured had made me doubt whether that was realistic. A bit by bit it had healed and was now more or less in masturbating condition. I realized now I was horny beyond belief. Maybe it had to do with all the things I had done that day, maybe it was the light fiddling I have given to my limp penis, maybe it was the six days worth of cum in my testicles, or maybe it was what I had just heard. I told my friend how horny I was, and was given an order to cum for her. Because that was what I needed, a command to cum, not a permission. I wanted my orgasm to be something that wasn't up to me do decide. I didn't want freedom to cum. I wanted my orgasms to be controlled. And now I had a command to fulfill. Heart racing I set my wanking mirror the right way and sat down in my office chair facing it. I was completely naked and shivering a bit, either from the fact I was horny, or that it was rather chilly in my apartment. I even put on my distant vision glasses so I wouldn't miss anything from what I was going to see. I spread my legs and looked for a moment at my naked, hairless body. Even though I know I'm not bad to look at, I have body image issues. For years it was hard for me to see my own reflection in the mirror, and watching myself naked has been even more hard for me. Seeing myself like this was humiliating beyond belief. Then again, feeling humiliated made me extremely horny.

With my hands shaking in excitement I started to fiddle my limp penis. I watched the reflection of my face as the edge become closer. I thought they looked funny. More than anything they looked the face of a boy who didn't know what was happening. There was such disorientation, puzzlement surprise, even a hint of panic. It would have been even more amusing, it I hadn't been going out of mind at the same time. Gradually I picked up the pace and fiddled my limp penis faster. I looked at myself starting to breath more rapidly. The look on my face became even more alarmed as the orgasm approached. Finally I felt myself going over the edge. Looking at my own astonished face, deep into the eyes, I let go of my limp penis.
I spasmed in my office chair as I felt the waves of a glorious orgasm wash over me, and kept my gaze in my eyes. I grimaced as I felt bits of clogged up sperm coming out of my penis, and finally I had to even help it a bit with my hand. This was familiar to me, and usually happened when I didn't cum in several days. Immediately after the orgasm I was concerned because I was now without a ban again. I didn't want to have freedom to cum whenever I wished. I wanted my orgasms to be rare, special and cherished. I wanted them to mean something, like this one had.

However, my friend was extremely nice and gave me a new ban. First she set the ban till Thursday, which would have been in four days. However, when I told her the exact numbers on my counter as I cummed, 6 days, 4 hours and 21 minutes, she moved the date till Sunday. Naturally I couldn't have been more grateful. In other words, the next time there will have to be a full week on the counter before I have any hope to cum, which will be way past Christmas eve. Naturally I hope it will be even a bit longer than that, but we will have to see. Like I said, it’s not up to me. My friend did hint that the next ban may be even longer. I’m so excited now. This is the best Christmas present I could hope for.

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