Friday, December 2, 2016


Okay, part four it is. Like my faithful readers know, yesterday I experienced a setback when I discovered I had perhaps a bit too ambitious idea of the size of my asshole. So today, as soon as I had woken up (and edged a little, of course) I put clothes on and headed for the porn shop I had visited two days ago.
Also, it occurred to me it might be fun if I had a plug inside my ass during the trip. Therefore I slipped one of the steel plugs in before going out. It's so easy for me nowadays. This time I made my trip in broad daylight and somehow it added to the experience.
That last time it had been the middle of the night. Now it was broad daylight, people and cars passing me by on the snowy street. And here I was, feeling the butt plug moving inside me on every step I took. A faint smile rose to my sleep several times during the short trip.
Going in and out of the store couldn't take more than five minutes. I grabbed the package, made sure it was indeed smaller than the pink monster I had bought yesterday, as well as a new tube of lube, and walked to the counter.
There was the same guy behind it than during my previous trip, and no doubt he could put two and two together. First a guy buys a huge butt plug, before asking about the expendable and more expensive one, and then comes to buy the expandable one and a tube of lube.
On the way home something unfortunate happened. As I was just about to step into the grocery store, thinking I could take care of it while I'm at it, and find out what it would be like to do the shopping while plugged.
Suddenly I felt the plug starting to come out of my ass. I tried to keep it by leaning back towards a trash bin, but a few seconds afterwards I felt it plop out and slide into my briefs. I shrugged and headed back home, thinking whether all my anal training had something to do with it.
As soon as I had gotten inside my apartment I threw my clothes off and opened the package, hands shaking with excitement. As soon as I had figured the simple mechanism out I started applying lube on it and then guiding it in.
The result was... a disappointment. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it all the way in. Finally I gave up and took it out. After comparing it to the handle of the screwdriver I saw it was indeed a bit bigger. Not much, but a bit.
Also the part between the rubber base and the actual plug was twice as thick compared to the steel plugs I had been using. No wonder I couldn't get it in all the way, I thought. As a consolation I took the screwdriver and fucked myself in the ass with it for a while.
After doing some home chores with the diamond plug inside me (which I now hardly felt) I decided to gave the new toy as well as my asshole one more chance. The plug had, after all, cost way much more than I could have afforded.
This time I used more lube then I had ever done before and finally, after much discomfort, I could feel it go all the way in. I was so overjoyed and I remember smiling like a fool. It's in! That huge thing is inside my tiny little asshole!
It tried to slide out couple of times, but I managed to keep it in as I hobbled and wobbled to my office chair. I knew I wanted to keep it in and to sit down. I wanted it in as deep as possible. When I finally did so and had stretched my ass cheeks to give the plug the best access to my anus, I was filled with emotions that were a mixture of horror, amazement and joy.
I knew that plug was the biggest thing I had ever had inside my ass. I was so happy, and almost thanking my asshole out loud, for taking it in. I had lube all over my hands and since I had nothing to wipe them with, I wiped them to my naked body. I didn't dare to get up, in the fear the plug would slide out after all.
After I had my racing heart in control I started to fumble with the mechanism. Despite the price there was some problems, and the rubber tube kept slipping off from the balloon type part at the end. It seems I have to go to the hardware store to get something to fix it.
As I started to pump the device I could feel it starting to expand inside me. In a way the sensation was a bit the need to fart, a sudden feeling of pressure at the mouth of your asshole. The pump part kept slipping off, however, and I finally decided this was enough for a test run.
At first I had the idea I could keep the plug part in and do some home chores, but I soon realized it was so big I couldn't concentrate into anything, not even edging. So I went back to the bathroom and pulled the thing out.
I felt my asshole gaping, and took the vibrating cock shaped dildo, the one I had said is way, way too big for both my girlfriend and me. I took some lube, applied it on the dildo and started pushing it in. It took some time, but bit by bit I got it in deeper, until I felt the end where the power setting is, reach my butt cheeks.
After sliding it in and out for a while I pulled it out, and looked at it. I was overjoyed! The thing was huge and it has been inside my ass. It was the size of a real man's erect cock, much bigger than my cock had been erect back in the day I got hard. Fuck, it had been much too big for my lesbian girlfriend's virgin pussy, and I had just been able to ram it in my little asshole!
I'm writing this with one of the steel plugs inside me. Part of me would want to take it a bit easy now, and perhaps to get some things done. However, there is another part of me that would like to go for another run. It went in once, why not try it again? Should I?

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