Saturday, May 4, 2019


As all of you who follow me on Facebook know, I have a huge, huge fetish for Emma Watson. It's not only because she is a talented actress, or that she's pretty, or beautiful, or sexy. Or that she is clearly extremely intelligent, a feature I have always found to be an irresistible in a woman. 

The feature I admire and respect in Emma Watson the most, is the fact she has managed to put her fame and status into good use, serving as a symbol for equality. Truth to tell, I have great difficulties telling her and the character of Hermione Granger of Harry Potter movies apart.

In any case, I started to think the other day. Now, I am perfectly aware this is not something I alone have thought of, and I do know it has totally been a thing, as the saying goes, for years and years now, but still. Is there anything more intimidating, as well as more exciting than the idea of a Slytherin Hermione?

Because, whether you like to admit it or not, being the third wheel in the so called golden trio, having to play the second or the third fiddle in their adventures, wasn't the best place for Hermione. Sure, she she was the smartest of them all, but more often than not, she was overlooked and was seldom listened to. And where did she find herself in the end? A housewife for Ron, and a baby-maker.

How different things would have been if she had been sorted to Slytherin. Without Harry and Ron dragging her down it could have been the place where she could have a chance to really shine and reach her potential, as the brightest Slytherin of her generation. After all, being a Slytherin doesn't mean being evil, it means not being afraid of using things to your advantage and taking what's yours.

Heck, she would have still been able to have some of their adventures with Harry and Ron, despite being in a different house. But the situation would have been a totally different now. She would have been the bright Slytherin witch, not the mandatory girl character of the book series no one actually listens to.

Sure, Draco Malfoy would have put through hell during her time on Hogwarts, with her being a mudblood, but I have no doubt she would have had the balls to put him eventually in line. I know it's also totally a thing to ship Hermione and Draco, but personally I can't see it happening, despite the good girl, bad boy trope, sorry.

What I could see happening, however, is Hermione hooking up and becoming a pair with another Slytherin girl. I can just see what kind of a kick-ass team they would have made. I know what you're saying. But Hermione wasn't a lesbian? Well, how can you be so sure? We got to see her only a few years, when she was only a teen, at which point many girls are still figuring themselves out. 

And let's face it, the romance part in the books isn't very convincing. Ron Weasley is thick as a block, especially compared to Hermione, and they have practically nothing in common. Marrying Hermione to Ron was most likely J.K.'s dumbest decision, even though I understand why she did. it. That made Harry even more of an outsider, even more the lonesome, messianic figure the books see him as. 

In the books Hermione serves a certain purpose, but from the perspective of Hermione and what we know of her, the role she has makes no sense whatsoever. Slytherin Hermione is another story completely. In fact, if we look at her possible career at the ministry, or the whole wide wizarding world the books only give us a tiny glimpse of, there's no telling how high the Slyhterin Hermione could have soared to.  

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