Saturday, January 4, 2020


Life is curious sometimes. Things that have happened quite recently can give you way more stress than they should. Some things that did so years ago can come back like a blast from the past, and put you to a trip to the memory lane, as the saying goes. 

My second and by far the hottest ex has recently started to hang out at the same place as I do, after seven years of absence. Even though she left me in ruins, seeing her again on weekly basis has been surprisingly easy for me. Apparently sometimes time does heal all wounds.

It has, however, led to some rather interesting situations. A quite recently she told people she has this weird thing about certain numbers. For example, she cannot stop a microwave oven unless they appear on the amount of time that's left. We all have our own peculiarities.

What made the situation interesting for me was that fact I remember quite vividly a certain play session of ours during which she did allow me to cum, but wanted me to do it at a certain time. If I failed to cum during that minute I would have had to wait five or ten minutes to get the next chance.

This sort of thing, me cumming in front of her that is, didn't take place very often. In fact I remember only couple of those instances. I didn't insist it, and I much rather spent my time with my face buried to her crotch instead. She knew how much I loved eating her out, and according to her I was pretty good at it too.

I guess I felt already at that point that my pleasure and orgasms are secondary to those of the woman of my life. This preference of mine matched perfectly with her, as did many other fetishes. She was the first woman who had no problems whatsoever of watching me masturbate in front of her, among many other things. 

She was also one of the first persons who got me into chastity play. Generally I was free to cum as much as I liked, and quite often this took place during our chat sessions on-line. My girlfriend had a healthy libido, and our chat sessions were rather steamy. Quite often we ended up both masturbating during them, she with her phone in her hand, and me at home in front of my computer.

One time, however, she got the idea I shouldn't cum until we saw each other in a few days time. I have described the conversation in one of my earlier posts, so I won't go into detail here. Let's just say what followed was a quite an emotional roller-coaster, especially considering I ended up being denied a whole week for her. 

This all took place later, however. At the time my girlfriend requested for me to cum at a exact time I was used to cumming daily. I did consider, however, whether I should consciously postpone my orgasm. Therefore I could have gotten five, ten or fifteen minutes more of me masturbating my limp clit in front of her, with her teasing and taunting me about it. Ultimately I didn't, which I still regret. 

At the time I finally let ejaculate spurt from my limp penis, with my girlfriend smirking at me, victorious and apparently also pleased about my obedience and punctuality, I wasn't sure whether she was bullshitting me. But apparently she wasn't. It seems she does have a thing with certain numbers.

I am 100% certain my ex doesn't remember that particular instance anymore, but I sure do, and it was very hard for me not to silently smile while she was telling everyone her little microwave story. If only they had known...


  1. I love the number story and it shows our human quirks, which is what makes each of us unique. Some quirks are more mainstream and tame while others not so much. It seemed you two made a quaint couple, but... Just curious, was cuckolding ever brought up?

  2. I have thought that often the past seven years, and on some level I hope it would have been. The thing is, we were together only three months, and even though they were quite three months, we never got to do much of the stuff we did talk about.

    Also, I have later found out that the whole time we were together she was two-timing me with a female friend I knew nothing about. If I had to guess, I have a feeling she felt her life was getting way too complicated and cutting me off was her way of doing it.

    I have thought this a lot over the years, even imagined what it would be like to talk with her about our relationship, as well as her about her other girlfriend. What I would like to say to her now is: "Why did you feel you had to do it behind my back? Why did you think I'd mind?"

    Perhaps it was the fact our relationship was so short-lived and we got to experience only the mad early rush of it, but I still feel it was the best one I've ever had. She was the sexiest, the most fun of my three girlfriends, and I have only fond memories of her. All I ever wanted was her happiness.