Friday, September 18, 2015


It has been a while since I last time made a good and long, detailed status update. The thing is, even though a lot has happened during the last few weeks I have also been very busy during that time. A week ago I was also struck down with a flu, which has delayed writing this update even further.

In fact it's a bit hard to remember all that has happened, or what took place and when. It too may make this update not very coherent. During that time there was also, not only one but two events both my Queen attended, that gave us a chance to spend time together, but occupied much of our time as well.

One several days long visit to her place was also influenced by the fact that mother nature was once again visiting her the same time. Another visit was affected by the fact she had gotten a flu but wanted me to keep her company. It may or may not be the same flu that ultimately brought me down.

Still, we have done our best. I will attempt to put some thoughts down. This will be a long post, but believe me when I say it merely scratches the surface.

The first thing I could mention includes a long-time fantasy of mine we got to do, namely clothespins. Like I told you earlier, my Queen had mentioned that if I wanted her to do more things to me, I should trim my nether region more. 

I did as she asked, and finally, about two weeks ago it paid off, and my Queen agreed to fulfill my fantasy. I had previously introduced her with my clothespin collection and tried them on her nipples. Now the tables were turned and I got to experience them on my balls, penis and nipples.

In retrospection I think what was more important and interesting was not what she did, but how she did it. Looking at her I couldn't help but coming to a conclusion that she seems to be getting over her hesitancy when it comes hurting me. At least she seems to like the reactions she gets out of me.

This was the second time another person performed it on me, in my whole life that is, and the previous instance I had the pleasure had been two and a half years ago. I had fantasized about her doing it, had hinted towards it and finally almost begged her for it. When she started applying clothespins on my testicles I was in the seventh heaven, as they say. 

It a curious procedure, all in all. The thing is, for me at least putting them on doesn't hurt much, if at all. You merely spread your legs and offer the woman doing the applying as good easy area to work in as possible. Basically, most of the time you have no idea what is happening.   

Taking the pins off is naturally much more painful than putting them on. I may be a bit weird, but for me having a huge amount of clothespins on my testicles, even for a longer period of time, isn't a least bit painful. It merely feels... well, safe, and comfortable. Almost as if someone is holding you by the balls with plastic fingers.

Taking them off is naturally the most fun part. It took quite a long time for my Queen to do it, and I was in quite a lot of pain as she did it. When she finally took off the last, and the most nasty ones, I let out a long, loud wail that even my neighbors must have heard. It also was quite a surprise for for my Queen, even though, according to her, a very pleasant one. I love that girl.

This time around we didn't get to the most humiliating part, which is also a part of my fantasy. In it my Queen is ordering me around while I have the pins on my testicles. At that point I'm forced to walk with legs spread which naturally looks quite humorous. In my fantasy my Queen is chuckling to the sight, and to the rattling sound pins make as I walk around. Hopefully we can do it the next time.

During the last few weeks my Queen and I have also ended up trying some mild ball slapping. Truth to tell, ball slapping, and ball busting, have been fetsihes I have had trouble understanding, mainly because I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing it myself.

We ended up doing it more or less by accident, but very soon I was begging for more and more. My penis seems to like it as well, and if it's semi hard when the slapping begins, it usually gets even harder because of it.

A part of the fascination is also the fact that since we're both beginners there's a real element of danger involved. My Queen doesn't know how hard she can hit, or where, so in between the slaps I'm filled with dread, of not knowing how much the next slap will hurt. 

I also noticed that because of it, saying "harder" after each slap was a very hard thing to say, even though I had a strong desire to say it. By our third little slapping session I managed finally utter the word. Even though it felt insane to say it, on the same time it felt so very, very good.

But yes, this too seems to be something I had no idea I would like, but have noticed I do nevertheless. After the first time my Queen said it had looked like I was "going out of my mind", and I do believe I was doing just that.

For some reason it seems I have told you mainly about things about pain this time. How about the other kind of discomfort and my chastity then, you ask. Well, I have done a bit of self-observing in that respect as well. 

Like some of you remember, last July was quite an interesting time for me, resulting i some extreme horniness even when I wasn't teasing myself in any way. At that point the day count from the last ejaculation was around 50 days, so naturally I have been curious to find out whether it would happen again now, as I'm closing to the same day count.

It seems this time there's no such luck. There hasn't been similar random periods of horniness, which is naturally disappointment for me. Perhaps the fact I haven't been permitted to play with myself when I'm on my own is partly to blame, who knows. 

There has, however, been couple of instances lately I could mention to you.

Both of them took place during the period of last couple of weeks, both of them at night. We were laying in bed as it happened. I was totally nude and my Queen had only a t-shirt on. The first time around I was quite unprepared and almost didn't understand what was happening.

At the time I was either falling asleep or had just woken up. Quite innocently I went into a "spooning" position, and pressed myself to my girlfriend's backside. Suddenly I realized my penis liked the position. And I mean a lot. In matter of less than minute my penis was rock hard.

I have mentioned my penis has trouble of getting or staying hard when it's supposed to. Random nightly erections, however, doesn't seem to be any kind problem for it. Soon it was literally twitching, as I lay there and started to moan.

After a while I realized simply the thought of having an erection, but being unable to even touch it kept me horny and hard. Even laying down on my back didn't help, and couldn't do anything but stare into the darkness and wish the erection would go away.

After a while my Queen noticed my moaning and I tried to explain what was happening, quite incoherently. "Fuck I'm horny", I was whispering in the dark room. "Fuck I'm so horny, fuck I'm horny" over and over again. 

"Oh dear", I remember my Queen muttering half asleep. The second time around I remember her even the caressing my penis a bit, before going back into sleep, which naturally didn't help one bit.

At the moment we both want to keep me chaste and denied. I am not allowed to even touch myself and all attention my penis gets comes from my Queen. Most times I have to practically beg her for it. Even now, when I'm writing this in very thin boxer shorts I feel a desire to touch it, but I know I'm not allowed to.

We have, however, practiced quite a lot of teasing when we've been together. Our intention is to become better and better at it. My job is to inform her long in advance when whatever she is doing starts to feel "too good". Usually I end up doing it perhaps too soon, but like you know from my updates from July, I simply don't trust my body anymore.

A couple weeks ago we even ended up doing a bit of teasing in the shower. We have showered a few times together now, and this time there was a good deal of mutual body worship included. Finally my Queen even gave me a bit of shower handjob. 

I believe she merely intended to clean my penis, and was surprised by my reaction. I was surprised as well, since I had no idea woman's hands could feel that good. I had to ask her to cut it short, though, and tell her if she did that she could have made me ejaculate under thirty seconds, and neither of us wanted that. 

Lately my Queen has been hinting that the next time she wants to see my cum will be when we make love for the first time. I have no objection to the idea, of course. After all, my orgasms are hers, to do whatever she wishes with them.  

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