Monday, September 7, 2015


I ended up answering a question from a Facebook page about hands-free orgasms today, have people had them and how are they. After all, the matter is somewhat familiar to me. Since my answer was quite a lengthy one, I'm posting it here as well. 

Most people on the thread seemed to think hands-free orgasms are awful. And I quite agree. From a perspective of a normal male, used to having intercourse or masturbating regularly, ending with a glorious, full, satisfying orgasm, hands-free ruined ones must be awful. 

However, I would say they are awful only when they are unwanted. I've had three of them during my life, all during the last few months. The first one was in March, the second one in May and the third in July. Mind you, with one exception they were the only orgasms I've had during the last 22 months.

Two of them happened while I was edging, and they were complete accidents. I had no intention of cumming, or letting myself to cum. I simply wanted to torment myself, to feel the urge but ultimately deny myself and leave myself frustrated.

However, in each of the occasions, even though I thought I wasn't nowhere near the edge, while I was having my cool-off period, my body betrayed me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I started to convulse, and sperm started to spurt out of my limp penis, and I was completely unable to stop it. I hated it so.

The third took place while my girlfriend was edging me. She had no intention of letting me cum either, but while we were having a cool-off period, similar thing happened, and took us both completely off-guard. At the time my girlfriend didn't even understand I was actually having an orgasm, since this was the first time I had one at her presence.

During the last couple of months we have gotten much better in anticipating them, and keeping me from the edge. We have even discussed that when the time comes she decides it would be a good idea for me to cum, we could try getting closer and closer to the edge, perhaps on several occasions, the last one of which would result to an orgasm, but a one that would happen completely without any kind of touching. 

That is to say, we very much like the idea of my fifth orgasm this year to be a ruined one as well.

The whole matter has even amused us somewhat. For most males the idea of having a ruined orgasm is an awful one, a punishment, something that is meant to be very unpleasant for the male. In my case having even a ruined orgasm would be so much more, compared to what I'm getting now.

In case anyone is interested, there are longer reports of each incident on my blog:

The last incident, of course, was the one that led me and my girlfriend to the conclusion it would be a good idea not to touch myself at all when I'm on my own. Only she has the right to touch, stimulate and play with my penis now, making all attention she gives to it so much more important and special. The ban has lasted for 47 days now.

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