Monday, December 14, 2015


This blog post is quite a different one, compared to some of the last few ones I've published. Most of it was written several days ago, but I can publish it only now. I will explain.

Like most of you probably remember, some time ago, when my penis took quite a damage and having a band aid on it made it feel like having a chastity device on, I started to think about the idea of actually getting one.

The quality models, however, I noticed, cost way, way too much and I had to drop the idea. Also the conversation I had with my girlfriend, during which she said that even if the idea is fun as a fantasy, putting me into one and taking the key would be a bit too much for her, made me to reconsider it.

The idea kept going on and on in my mind, however, and to tell the truth, for days I couldn't think anything but. Especially after I came across on eBay with a model that didn't cost much more than ten euros, and promised a free delivery, I became almost obsessed with the idea.

Also having fun with medical tape after my penis had healed up, putting it on my penis before I go into bed, and hoping I will wake up to a painful erection during the night as my penis tries to get hard, made me wonder whether a chastity device would have similar effect.

Finally, after getting encouraging feedback from the fetish site I am, I decided to risk it and ordered the device. I knew what my girlfriend had said, but then again, I thought, she had bought herself sex toys some time ago without telling me about, so I had a right to buy toys for myself, just as well.

I was being told you usually get what you pay for, but I felt ten euros was a sum I could risk losing, instead of investing over hundred euros to it. Also, being as cheap as it was, I knew I wouldn't most likely be able to keep the device on for 24/7. However, I had no such plans, so what did I have to lose?

Finally, last Friday the package arrived and I picked it up the next day. I was excited and giddy, for a reason.  There was a thing both me and me my girlfriend attended that day, and after it she asked whether I would like come to sleep at her place, even though she had said earlier she needed time to study.

I was tempted, but for once I thought we needed to be sensible, so I declined. It was also partly because the temptation to tell her about the package I had with me would have been a great one, and I wanted to open and try the device on by myself, just in case it turned out a really, really bad purchase.

So, last night I came home and opened the package. Here are the first impressions. Firstly, it seems it's true what they say. You do get what you pay for. The device was made of silicone, basically a very cheap rubber, and looking at it I could see one could get out of it with sturdy scissors. Also, I have to admit, it looks way much better in the picture.

I was also bit surprised to discover, as I put it on, that even though I had picked that particular model because it was extra tiny, my limp dick filled it only half way. The main problem with the fitting, however, was that tube was slightly too thin for my penis, making it stuck to the walls.

In fact part of the problem was my penis is so short the head even doesn't reach the space reserved for it in the end, but is stuck in the halfway. Trying to reach it through the opening in the end and pull it forward by fingers won't help either, because the penis is simply so small.

Even bigger problem, however, was the part you put behind the testicles. Even though I picked the biggest of the several rings that came with the product, it was really, really tight for my testicles. It seems I indeed have small penis but huge balls. In fact the ring squeezed them rather painfully, making me doubt it was safe to even to try sleeping with it on.

I also realized, after putting some clothes on, that this definitely wasn't the kind of a device you could  wear 24/7. The device was quite visible even when I had my pants on, and the pins keeping it together could be seen through the fabric.

So, it was not a complete success, at first, and when I was going to bed I was somewhat disappointed, and pretty sure I had wasted my money. At some point of the night I even took the device off because having it of hurt too much, and put it on my night table.

After a quick visit to the fridge I put some tape on my penis, from sheer frustration, and continued my sleep. Some time later, if I recall correctly, I decided to give the device one more try and stuffed my taped penis into the tube and put the device on again.

What happened then was one of the intense sexual experiences I have ever experienced without another person involved.

During the night my penis had started to get hard, like I hoped it would, but thanks to the tape and the rubber tube around it, there was no way it could do that. My mind did what human mind in situations like this does, and attempted to make the sensation a part of my dream.

In the dream I was up, and walking about at my place, and being very turned on, with a huge erection. I wasn't masturbating it, but I remember being so turned on I considered what it would feel to cum, and to get all that sperm out. However, even in my frenzied state, I knew wasn't supposed to.

Then I woke up, feeling disoriented and realized what was happening. I believe a sweet, satisfied smile appeared on my face, as I removed the bedsheet to see what was taking place dowstairs. It had worked, and I was happy beyond belief.

I squirmed, and writhed in my bed as I enjoyed the sensations. It was so tormenting, so frustrating and so abso-friggiging-lutely hot I was going out of my mind. I felt my balls were about to burst and I felt the uncontrollable urge to empty them. I felt my penis throb and pulsate in the tight rubber tube, but I knew I had no chance, or desire, to touch it.

As the erection started to go away gradually I was able to think a bit more coherently, even though I was still extremely aroused. I examined the rubber device I had on and turned it left and right. It felt extremely good, and I even tried to "jerk off" with it on, that is to say, pulled the device a few times up and down as if I had been holding my penis.

It was frustrating, but as I did it, I also realized that, if in my turned on, frenzied state, I kept doing it, I would have no trouble whatsoever to make myself cum inside it. So, as far as purely from chastity point of view, my new toy was all but "secure". I even tried to imagine how frustrating it would feel, to have such ruined orgasm.

A bit later I also noticed, not even that turned on anymore, that if I lay on my side and the device was between my thighs, and I squeezed it lightly, the rubber tube changer its form a bit, resulting in quite a nice sensation on my penis. I suspected I could have make myself cum quite easily that way aw well. It seemed I had much more chances to make myself with the device on than having nothing on my penis.

Finally I got up, still disoriented, and decided it would be best to put down my thoughts, when they still were fresh in my memory. I'm writing this on my computer, the device still on. My penis is once again in its shrunken state, filling not even the third of the tube's length.

My balls seem to have adapted to the ring around them, and it doesn't feel nearly as uncomfortable as it did earlier. This is most likely due to the fact the rubber part has bit itself into them, and it will hurt when I take it off.

I know I will have to take it off sooner or later, but at the moment, I just don't want to. Not because I know taking it off will hurt, but because having it on feels too good.

So, maybe the ten or so euros weren't completely wasted, after all.

PS. This post is being published only after I have told to my girlfriend about the purchase, for her enlightenment as well as enjoyment. I love you.

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