Tuesday, December 15, 2015


It's been now a couple days since I got my new cheap-o chastity device. During those couple of days I have examined a bit how the little thing works. One could even say I have experimented on myself. I will try to put my thoughts down about it on this post.

The main observation when it comes to the device is more or less the same I made earlier. You get what you pay for, and the cheap device is far from something one can wear 24/7. 

On the other hand I never thought it possible to have this much fun with a small piece of rubber. I like the feeling I have when it's on, and I seem to have become more and more used to wearing it around the house.  

The biggest thrill I've had using it are the times I have put it on for the night. It is such a wonderful feeling waking to your penis trying desperately to get hard in the small hollow tube. There hasn't been the kind of super-hot wake up calls I got the first night, but some nice hours of early morning nevertheless.

The biggest minus point in the device is still the tightness of the ring you place behind the testicles. For that exact reason I haven't been able to use it nearly as much as I wanted. 

I must say still find this somewhat surprising. The ring I use is the largest one of those who came with the device, and the smallest one is only half in diameter. Also, I've seen pictures of chastity devices with rings much, much smaller, as well as pictures people wearing them. I never realized my testicles were that huge.

It may also be a good idea to put some minds at ease at this point, since several people seemed to get alarmed and were concerned for my well-being, as I posted my observations on the fetish site where I got the encouragement to purchase the device in the first place.

I am not using the device all the time, the way chastity device is "supposed" to be used. It is clear the device isn't for constant use, and I have never intended to wear it 24/7. I got the device merely as a toy, something I can torture my penis with, since I am not allowed to masturbate anymore. 

Okay, further observations. Even though I came to a different conclusion on the first night, I noticed it is possible to go outside wearing it. Taken you have plenty of long underwear on, as well as a winter coat that's long enough. I have done my grocery shoppings once in a shop around the corner, and I'm quite sure no had no idea what was in my underpants.

Another interesting observation was also the fact that it is possible to tease myself by pressing a vibrator next to the chastity device. In fact one could say this is almost too effective method of teasing. 

The rubber around my genitals transmits the vibration to my penis and balls so well it feels as if the device becomes a part of the vibrator itself. When I tried it the first time I had to stop after a ten seconds, even on lowest setting, because it felt way, way too good, and I feared I would cum. No wonder they use it on chastity device and ruined orgasm porn so much.

However, as it later on turned out, for this to work, I will have to be already sexually aroused. It seems at the time of my experiment I was, even though I didn't realize it. More on that later.

The third observation I made was a bit unsettling one. As I tried to urinate with the device on for the first time I noticed the chastity device, or rather the tight ring around the testicles, prevents it effectively. I know that in long term chastity one is supposed to urinate with it on, but due to the tightness of the ring, nothing came out, no matter how hard I pushed. 

This observation especially alarmed some people and they were concerned for the well being for my bladder, or kidneys. I tried to put their minds at easy with the best of my abilities. 

In fact I have given my poor bladder some hard time during my life, since it happens to be one of my fetishes. A rather unusual fetish I've noticed, since there's lot of stuff about female desperation around, but virtually nothing from a male point of view. But I digress.

I've also had a bit of fun examining what it feels like watching porn while wearing a chastity device. Not masturbating, or even playing with yourself. Just lying there, in front of you big screen TV that is connected to your computer. I must say the experiences has been interesting to say the least.

Usually when one watches porn the idea is to masturbate as you do it. Naturally I have watched porn even when I've been in chastity, but usually I've had the chance of at least fondle myself a little, even if weren't masturbating, or edging. This time however, there was the chastity device involved. 

One could say having it on somehow enhances the experience. It makes it so much concrete somehow. One has no option but to just to lay there. Just watching, getting aroused as hell, but still feeling your impotent penis limp in your chastity device, and knowing you can't do anything. Nothing but suffer. 

I've also started to enjoy what my locked penis looks in its cage. Or rather, how I look wearing it. I've seen pictures of men wearing them for years now, and it took me a while to understand that is is actually me in the mirror, a man with small restricting cage around his scrotum.

Even though admitting it sounds a very un-manly thing to say, I'm saying it nevertheless. It looks very beautiful when I'm caged. I look beautiful. I look so... secure, safe and chaste. So harmless, useless and impotent. It feels so natural somehow.

The latest, the most interesting and so far the most disappointing of my experiments took place last night. I have lately have trouble with my sleep rhythm, and even though I went to the bed quite early, I woke up at 3 AM awake as a bird.

I had my device on and I was rather disappointed nothing had happened during the time I had been asleep. Then a nasty idea came into my head.

Some time ago me and my Queen had used Viagra, in trying to wake my limp dick from its slumber. I hadn't worked. It had caused mild swelling, but nothing that could be used in fucking. It seems my impotence is way beyond the help of Viagra. 

But what would happen if took Viagra with the device on? That is, after all, the image one often comes across in chastity device tease porn. Put a guy in chastity, give him Viagra, give him a beautiful body to look at and watch him writhe in agony. Well, the reality turned out to be very different, in my case at least.

My initial idea was to pop the pill continue my sleep and wake up with a nice morning erection boosted by Viagra. 

However, very quickly I noticed the familiar side effects of Viagra has for me, as I lay in the darkness. That is, blushing of the face, elevated heart beat and, when I put the lights on a little while later, everything looking strangely bluish.

What surprised me somewhat was the feeling of being flushed. It was a familiar side effect to me, but in previous occasions I had been in bed with a woman. In that kind of situation you are supposed to be red in the face. The fact that the same thing happened to me now took my by surprise.       

All this made it quite impossible to sleep and I even had to suppress a mild panic attack I sometimes have in situations like this. Truth to tell, it was not entirely comfortable situation.

Since there wasn't anything better to do, I decided to try whether I could make something to happen down there. I took out the vibrator and tried it on the chastity device, but this time nothing happened, not even on higher setting.

It seems it's true what I've thought for a long time, a mere physical stimulation has no effect whatsoever on me in terms of arousal, with or without the help of Viagra. And that I do not work good under pressure, whether it is a woman I try to get hard for, or a chastity device. In fact, I could say I have rarely been that un-aroused as I was at that moment.

As for Viagra, it seems it really doesn't work for me. Taken the desired effect isn't trying to look like I've a nearsighted sprinter after a hundred-meter run. 

All in all, I can't deny being disappointed. As I write this it's two and a half hours since I popped the pill, and colours are slowly getting back to normal, even though I still feel rather flushed. Then again, I'm again one experience richer. And I have one proof more that life isn't porn.

PS. I find it somewhat curious though, what happened after I wrote and posted the text above. Completely exhausted I crashed into bed with the device on and managed to get sleep a few hours more. So, imagine my surprise as I woke up to simply delicious discomfort, as my penis tried desperately to get hard into its cage.

After enjoying it, and writhing in bed for quite a while I finally gave showed some mercy to it and took the device off. It was hard to believe how big it got in matter of seconds. It was over twice the length of the device, and as I teased it a bit it stood like crazy. Sometimes I simply don't understand my body.

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