Friday, December 9, 2016


This time there has been a few days pause publishing in my reports. I have been active in my training, but I've felt there hasn't happened anything epic enough to make a report about. Therefore this report spans the events from several days.
I have tried very hard the past few days not to give my asshole a chance to clench up. Therefore it is my goal to be able to sleep with my steel plug inside me. I have noticed, however, it is almost impossible to actually get a good night's sleep wearing it. Sure, it's fun stretching your asshole all night long, but it usually means I either sleep the next day, or turn into a walking dead.
I was having one of these nights three days ago. I put the plug in before going to bed, but was awoken a few hours later to the discomfort it caused. I started my stretching exercises I described a few reports back. Finally I realized I was too awake, got up and went to the bathroom with my toys.
This time I decided to continue with my big vibrator, and proceed the inflatable monster only after it, in other words doing it in a different order now. For some reason this time I had some trouble getting the vibrator in even with a lot of lube, and it didn't go in quite as deep as would have wanted.
Then I proceeded to the black inflatable one. This too, proved to be more difficult I had anticipated, in fact it was harder now than the previous time. I didn't show no mercy, though and finally managed to push the monster in.
I looked myself from the bathroom mirror as I stood in front of the washbasin. My face looked so... normal, and respectable, a bit disoriented maybe, and with a hint of a smile on the lips. Despite the fact the turmoil of feelings inside me was the complete opposite.
The huge thing filled me so completely and I realized being extremely turned on. Perhaps not as turned as sitting on my computer the last time, but still. The plug inside me felt so good, so an idea occurred to me: what if I cummed? Right now, while staring myself in the eyes? After all, I had already cummed once by my free will, what would it matter if I did it again?
So, I did. All and all, however, the experience wasn't as hot as one could imagine it to be. It was all so physical, and determined somehow. After I had yanked the huge plug out, which hurt again like hell, I felt even a bit bad. I collapsed into the bed soon afterwards.
The next time I ended up cumming was in a way even more strange. This time there was a day in between, even though technically it took place during the next day. This time I was sitting in front of my computer. I felt a bit horny but I knew I should I should go and take care of number two sooner or later.
Being horny won this time, however, and I slipped in the red diamond plug, which is rapidly becoming my favourite one. A naughty virtual friend of mine was online and I soon realized I was horny. I mean, really, really horny.
I was a bit puzzled. It was almost as if I had the big plug in. Every time I fiddled a bit with my limp penis I felt a surge starting rise in my balls. Could it be that the... well, crap inside my colon was pushing my prostate just the right way?
With the encouragement of my virtual friend I decided to see what would happen if I continued fiddling with myself. So yes, I was going to cum, for the third time by my own free will. I started to give myself a series of fiddlings, pushing myself closer and closer to the edge and feeling the familiar strain in my testicles growing.
Then, as soon as I knew I was past the edge, I let go of my limp penis and let it drop on a plate I had put on the chair between my legs and balls. I felt a smallish wave of an orgasm flow through me, and something enter my penis, but nothing came out and the wave started to pass.
Part of me was surprised, part of me glad, part of me disappointed, because I knew I had just given myself a perfect ruined orgasm. I knew that if I didn't do anything I would still feel horny, as well as tense and irritated the whole next day.
Since this wasn't what I needed, I grabbed my limp penis, started masturbating again and experienced the actual orgasm. Sperm shot out of my little clit, and the waves of orgasm washed over me, this time much stronger.
I admit being a bit puzzled afterwards. I just had a decent orgasm, because of... well, a butt plug and shit in my colon?
All in I had now cummed three times in three days. It had been ages since the last one I had done it so frequently. Also, I was painfully aware, they were all orgasms I was solely responsible for. On the other hand, none of the orgasms had happened because of some sort of anal or prostate stimulation.
After the third orgasm, however it seems my libido run out of juice for a while. In fact for couple of days afterwards I felt very unsexy. All changed this morning, though. But that that will be a story for a later time...

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