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Welcome to "My Boy Pussy Project", part sixteen. This installment of the series is a bit unusual one, since it contains very little anal play and even less denial, even though the events described in it are somewhat interesting from the chastity point of view. In fact one could say I have just had the four most bizarre days of my life. 

I will try to tell everything in order. The events in this part start more or less where the previous one left off. I had cummed after twelve full days of chastity, albeit after some rather extreme teasing. I had collapsed on my bed and fell asleep totally exhausted and drained.  One would imagine it would be a while before I get horny again.

Well, as it happens this was not the case. This is, in fact where the bizarre part starts. I woke up around eight in the morning, mere three hours I had collapsed on my bed. I immediately noticed I felt oddly nervous and jittery. I realized I felt extremely horny, almost as if had been working on full steam. The feeling was very strong and quite frankly, very unpleasant.

I felt I had to do something about it, and fortunately I had a chance for it, as well. The thing is, at one point during our recent session my friend had mentioned that just to get my pipes cleaned up properly I would have to cum the next day as well. And technically speaking, this was the next day.

So, for the second time in mere few hours I walked naked to my wanking mirror, which had now become an integral part of my masturbation process. I dropped to my knees, took hold of my limp penis and in less than thirty seconds had managed to shoot my load. Maybe now I could have a few days of peace and quiet down there, I thought.

I would have liked to be able to inform my friend what had taken place, but since the day in question was the new year's eve there was no chance for it. In fact it wasn't until late afternoon the next day we were both on-line at the same time. My friend seemed merely pleased to hear about my horny morning.

However, even before we begun our conversation I realized I had been way too optimistic hoping I would have at least couple of days of not being constantly horny. It didn't take long for me to be as aroused I had been the previous morning. I had to admit this to my friend, even though I was ashamed to do so.

My friend seemed amused and said in that case I should take care of it. She even suggested I put a plug  in to help me get started, but I assured her I was horny enough as it was. My friend ordered me to masturbate, and I must say doing it in the "old fashioned" way did feel very good. After all, it had been almost couple of weeks since the last time.

As we talked I got the impression my friend was in a bit of hurry and I did know she had a full day ahead of her. Part of me would have wanted to prolong it, while at the same time the idea of my wanting to get rid of me to be able to concentrate on something actually important turned me on as well. I shot my load in a few minutes while watching myself in the mirror. 

Now, I thought, my testicles had to be empty enough, surely? Well, as it happens, they weren't. You may imagine my disappointment and shock when just a mere hours later, around nine or ten the same evening, I felt again the uneasy feeling within my testicles. 

What was happening to me? There had been a time not that long ago I had been able to go months without an orgasm. The least I had expected was to have one "peaceful" day after an orgasm. Now, it seemed even an orgasm a day wasn't enough to my greedy testicles. I felt like being a slave to them, and being punished if I didn't instantly give them the release they wanted.

This time, however, I had no way of doing anything to it. I had no one to give me the permission now, so I had simply to fight it. If it hadn't been my silly moral code I think would have cummed at least thee times in one 24 hour cycle that day.

All in all I must say it's been a while I have experienced anything that insane. That evening and the following night were pure hell for me. The smallest erotic thought or a visual image made my testicles practically throb and it was hard to think nothing but cumming.

I even tried edging just a bit after seeing one extremely erotic clip, just to check whether the feeling was real. However, it took less than ten or fifteen seconds for me to reach the edge, and I had to stop. In other words, it wasn't only in my head. I was on the verge of cumming into my pants.

During the next day the feeling became gradually less intense and was finally something I could call the "normal" level of desperate horniness, usual for the second day of chastity. I was constantly moderately aroused, yes, but it was something I could handle.

I didn't contact my friend that day until late in the evening since I didn't want it to look as if I was begging a permission for yet another orgasm. My friend seemed to be sorry for me, almost as if had been her fault my testicles were about to burst. 

After hearing about my situation my friend suggested could try putting something in. According to my friend it sometimes helped her in a similar situation, to get one's mind off the hornyness. I did as she had suggested, since I knew I wouldn't have anything to lose. Also, it had been several days now I hadn't had anything inside me.

I chose my metal plug and put it in. I did it completely dry, since I wanted to check whether the several days of inactivity had had any effect, and fortunately it hadn't. As I was sitting in my chair and gently rocking myself back and forth I realized my friend had been right. Both the sensations being created in my anus and the ones in the testicles were intense, but very different from each other.

However, the longer I chatted with my friend with the plug in my ass, the more these feelings combined and soon I realized I was horny again. My testicles, it seemed, had decided they wanted to shoot their load and I was their mindless puppet. 

My friend seemed to feel pity towards me and said she would grant me another orgasm, but it would have a price. I would have to do it the way I had done it three nights ago, with clothespins on my nipples and testicles. This was a small price to pay, in my opinion. 

As I was putting the six pins on I knew I could be only making my situation worse this way. What guarantee did I have whether the ejaculation had any lasting effect? What if the horniness returned, this time as intense it had been during the previous night? What if I was now doomed to ejaculate once in a few hours, or to suffer the consequences?

This time I had put the ones on testicles first, since I knew how much the bigger ones on the nipples would hurt. As I put the bigger ones on I felt my heart starting to race again, and almost uncontrollable urge to start masturbating came over me. I restrained myself, though, since I knew it wasn't time for it just yet.

After I asked my friend for the next instructions I was rewarded with a simple request, to upsize the plug in my ass. The request took my by complete surprise. I already had the pins on my nipples, which hurt now like hell, and the next step I thought would have been my orgasm. I didn't hesitate though, and in a less than a minute I was in my bathroom lubing the pink plug.

I understood perfectly well my friend's intention. Going straight from the small metal plug to the pink one meant she wanted it to hurt. Knowing this, I started to insert it into my rectum. My asshole felt tight as I tried the plug in and out a few times. 

However, knowing my friend intended this to hurt I didn't want to show my asshole mercy. With few determined pushes I managed to ram the huge thing in. This time I almost howled out loud, and breathed heavily, taking hold of the wash basin in front of me. It had been ages my pink plug had hurt that much.

I hobbled back to my computer and informed my friend about all of this. which seemed to amuse her. At this point I also noticed thinking straight started to become more and more difficult. I wanted to cum, but the sensations coming from all over my body were fighting for my attention.

At some point I suggested my friend it would be interesting if I were made to cum not by fiddling, but in the "old fashioned" way, by actually masturbating. The reason being it would be much more difficult for me like that. After all, I knew how to make myself cum by fiddling, and become almost too good in it.

By normal masturbation cumming would be, in not impossible, but at least much more difficult with the pins on my testicles. Naturally, my friend liked the idea. She also ordered me to add four pins to my testicles to make it even more hard. I complied eagerly and soon had ten pink and light green clothespins attached to my balls.  

Since my friend seemed to like the idea of me cumming in front of the mirror I suggested her I could take this time, not my office chair but a dinner table style chair with a straight back in front of the mirror. The reason being that this would make it easier to spread my legs wider as I masturbated.

My friend liked the idea and gave me an order to cum. In matter of less than minute I was sitting again in front of my wanking mirror. Even though I knew masturbating would be more difficult with the pins on, I must admit I was surprised to discover just how difficult it turned out to be. 

Not only was my limp penis so tiny it was hard for me to get a good hold of it because of all the pins on my balls, pulling it also hurt quite a lot as the pins danced and pulled painfully on my testicles as I masturbated. In order to cum I had pull my penis fast, and the faster I pulled it, the more the pins hurt.

All in all I think it must have taken me a full minute to be able to make myself cum, which is a lot longer than any of the previous occasions. This gave me good time to examine my face during the rather painful masturbation, and how the approaching orgasm affected it.

Taking everything off after the orgasm was once again rather humiliating experience, but this time I knew to prepare for it. Still, as I did it, I found it hard to understand what made me do things like this to myself.

That was my fourth orgasm in a matter of as many days, and so far also the last one. A mere few hours afterwards I felt becoming horny again, and even though I ended up edging a little bit and thinking how great it would feel to cum again, I managed to resist the temptation. There has been couple of times I've been tempted after that one, as well. 

As I marked the first complete cum free day in my calendar I felt incredibly proud of myself. At the time I am writing this it's already almost two full days since my last orgasm. It is somewhat odd to see that as an accomplishment after staying hundreds of days in chastity.

Because even though cumming is fun, enough is enough. Just like some people need to drop meat out of their regimen, of fat or alcohol, or go on a low-carb diet for a while to feel better, I need to wean myself for orgasms again for the same reason.

So far it seems to be working, even though I am still constantly horny and I feel my balls are ready explode any minute. The slightest erotic stimulus makes my testicles throb, including writing the last two reports.

Also, during the first night my newfound chastity caused me to have a rather steamy dream. In the dream I wasn't doing more than masturbating nude on all fours on my apartment floor, until at the last moment I realized what I was doing and stopped.

It seems my body and my mind would like me to orgasm once a day, just like it once did, perhaps even more than that. Unfortunately at the moment it is something it will not get.

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