Sunday, October 27, 2019


Perhaps I'm a bit too much of a feminist, but I find husbands who get off, or get a boner from doing housework to be somewhat creepy. Not because it's something they shouldn't do, quite the opposite.

What I would like to ask them is this. Did you get sexually excited when you were single and did all the housework? You didn't? Ah, it is: "But now I'm doing it to serve her!", is that the case?

No offence, but if you're "humiliating" yourself in front of your wife by doing something you think you're not supposed to do, because you think it is her job, you're not serving her, you're just letting it show what kind of chauvinistic asshole you really are.

I guess many of you remember the dishwashing-gate after Captain Marvel? Many male fans thought the filming showing us Nick Fury doing dishes was the ultimate insult. How dare they, Nick Fury, the manliest man there is, doing woman's work?

At the time I wondered how do men like this, or men in USA in general it seems, survive when they’re single? If washing dishes is such a lowly task it is reserved only for women, do single men use every clean dish in their house and then simply move out?

If you do housework for your wife, great. But this is not 1950's. You are her partner. You are supposed to do do fifty per cent of the housework. If you get off from it, because you feel it's humiliating, there's something screwed up in the way you see gender roles.

Rant over.

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  1. When i first did house work, i would get lots of praise with some corrective criticism. Then when after a time of doing the task correct, thing change to nice job. Then, check the bath, with no praise. When she had a friend over and i was home, the subject of my keeping the house clean and my service would always come up. To the point i would be summed for that moment as how lucky to have a man who do anything to make her life easer. This alway got a big smile from both.
    Her Passing in 2010, left me now with a dirty house.
    Was my service sexual?